All Of The Best (And Most Ridiculous) April Fools Jokes This Year

Well friends, it’s April 1st, and you know what that means. Big corporations around the world are jumping on the band wagon and doing their best (i.e. lamest) April Fools jokes. I’ve been keeping my eye out on some of these, and have come up with a list of some of the best and most cringe.

So here we go.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo “Bin Chicken Exhibit”


This is probably the only photo in existence of someone gazing lovingly at an ibis. And it came hand in hand with this morning’s announcement that Wild Life Sydney Zoo would be opening a bin chicken exhibition. In a statement, the zoo announced the coming Bin Chicken display, and introduced the head Bin Chicken keeper, Emma Malik, who (allegedly) said “We’re regularly asked by our international guests why we don’t have their favourite Australian animal, the majestic Bin Chicken here in the zoo for everyone to admire.”

Mmmm sure. I mean good attempt but also why pay when you could just head to Hyde Park and get your chippies stolen by these Satan birds for free?

WebJet $1 Brexit Flights


“Webjet Australia are here to help so you don’t have to stay and deal with the no deal. Get out of the rain and come on over to sunny Australia on one of our $1 international flights, departing daily from all major UK cities!”

Okay, I love this. Honestly, all I have to say is bravo, WebJet. Not only that, but with this being released AU time, people in UK would have got it on the 31st of March and would have lost their minds. Honestly, amazing.

ContikiCam from Contiki

I literally only have one word for this, and it’s just nah. In what world would anyone be down for this. This one honestly sent shivers down my spine in a way I didn’t need or expect on a Monday morning. No thanks.

Virgin Australia Fly Food

This honestly sounds like something that real rich people would do. I mean first there’s Uber helicopter, which is a legit real thing. So this does not seem like such a stretch for crazy people to want to do.

“Virgin Australia Fly Foods aims to revolutionise Aussies’ take-away experiences by opening up a whole new world of interstate dining options that can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own city, featuring a selection of top Australian restaurants already on-board. With a click of a button, Melbourne’s hottest burgers or Adelaide’s best seafood can be ready to eat by dinnertime!”

McDonald’s McPickle Burger

There are plenty of people who would have frothed this burger. Now, I’m a fan of pickles, but this is not my thing. And the sheer amount of pickles should have been enough to tip people off, other than the date of course. But the kicker was the comment McDonald’s left below the post. “Available until yesterday.” Thanks dudes.

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