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All Of The Best Twitter Reactions To The Bachie In Paradise Finale

Tbh sorta happy it’s over.

Bachie In Paradise came to a (sad?) (happy?) (satisfying?) (thank god it’s over?) conclusion yesterday, as a handful of couples survived the ultimate test of drama.

In the end, we had three pairs who survived the island – Mary and Connor, Alisha and Glenn – as well as Renee and Matt. Sadly, the latter weren’t able to stay together post the show. But both Mary/Connor and Alisha/Glenn are still together currently.

So in the aftermath of another typically ~controversial~ short season, what did we learn from the finale? What does it tell us about modern philosophy and the quest for true romance? How will we extract key messages and apply them our full being??

The only answer is obviously Twitter, and here were some of the best reactions to the finale last night. Before we sadly have to do it all again with Lachie in a few days.. sigh.

Mary & Connor

So obviously M&C were one of the success stories – and in my opinion – possibly an actual Bachie franchise couple that could last more than a fortnight. But it was super cute seeing them relocate to Tasmania along with Mary’s delightful young daughter.

Ciarran Drama

Alright people – here is a 101 lesson on how not to do things. Ciarran finished Angie’s season of the Bachelorette with women legit swooning nationwide (tbh never understood the appeal but hey ho). Yet he finished Bachie In Paradise as John Tucker.

Given the way he bounced between girls in Paradise, it’s obviously no shock – despite managing to convince Kiki to leave Paradise with him pre the commitment ring ceremony (who names these things my god) – that he has since dumped her. It seemed like the guy went on their to build a brand, but ended up actually losing more IG followers. Yiiikes.

Glenn The Dark Horse Hero

Remember at the start of BIP, Glenn strutted in and legit EVERYONE was like who tf is this boy?? I mean I certainly didn’t expect him to the be the finale promo shot in the ad!! And honestly so here for this, because he was actually a decent guy throughout the whole show.

No nastiness, was pretty honest, and showed some real vulnerability. Although we knew a bit more about Alisha, she was also one of my faves this season – she just didn’t cop shit from anyone. So I’d feel pretty confident that she wouldn’t just settle for no man.

The Finale Sort of Tanked

But look, I think this season was a bit of a faff. Between the numerous cringe moments, some extremely questionable portrayals of mental health, and some real dickhead behaviour from two lads on the show (take a guess) – it’s maybe no surprise that both Ninja Warrior and Farmer Wants A Wife both got more viewers than Bachie finale last night.

And sadly there are still some really fkd up ideas that seem normal with a lot of viewers.

We know Bachie as a franchise is growing and growing, but it’d be great to get more diverse characters, and less of the same story told in different ways.

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