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All Our Thoughts From The Bachelorette – The Post-Mortem Edition

Okay okay okay, let me just say, I really really wanted Todd to win. Following the boys being introduced, he was just a loveable, dorky (but in a cute way) kind of guy you want to cuddle and take home to your parents. Am I in love with him? Perhaps. Was Ali stupid to have picked Taite? I mean, you do you, boo. But during the whole season I had some serious emotions. I took to twitter in search of my thoughts in written form, and well, does twitter ever disappoint? Here’s our post-mortem of the season through my personal fave tweets:

Ivan making his comeback

Honestly, as soon as he put the WHOLE avo (pit and all) in the blender, I knew that boy had to go.


That PSYCHO with the damn TONGUE and honestly, how did he last that long?!

Words of truth

Yes, I might be biased as I side with Todd, but I mean… She’s not completely wrong?


I may have just spat out my tea at that one.

Shrek 5.0??

Cue, Ali: ‘What are you doing in my swamp?!’

Osher, you poor bystander

I’m still so in love with Osh, you can never take that away from me.

Image Source: Warners Bros. Entertainment

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