All The Best Twitter Reactions To News That Keeping Up With The Kardashians Is Ending

14 yrs and out.

Regardless of what you currently think of the the reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians has essentially been iconic for pop culture. But, after 14 years the darling herself, Kimmy K, announced via her Instagram that 2021 would be the last year of the show.

Cure Twitter HYSTERIA.

I mean, I’ve not been a stan-worthy fan of the show, but have dabbled in the occasional episode for shits and gigs. And, there have been some truly fabulous moments of pure shithousery and drama that warrant air time. But, I also get the feeling that the show has run it’s course.

All of the Kardashians/Jenners have enough money to cure worldwide poverty take care of themselves for life, and there’s a reason why TV shows of any nature really don’t go beyond ten or so seasons.

But like any news of this nature, Twitter erupted – both with a mix of relief, pandemonium and reflection (a true melting pot of emotion).

And, I’ve done the digging for you to pick out some of the best reactions to this news (whether you loved or hated the show). Let’s delve.

It’s such an eclectic mix, ain’t it?

The show has some legit fans who think the show is bible (a bit much). Then we have the people who honestly can’t believe the show has lasted 14 years. And then the theorists who have some wild, if not completely irrelevant, ideas on why the show has been so popular.

Either way, the show will be coming to an end after 20 seasons and 1.5 decades essentially. With what feels like hundreds of pyramid-scheme-esque sub-products, from perfumes, to retail fashion, to skincare.

And while KUWTK is no doubt an iconic show, the legacy it leaves is definitely questionable at best.

Image Source: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, NBC Universal

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