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All The Buzz On How To Find The Vibrators You’ve Been Dreaming Of

What’s the buzz?

Sex toys have never been more welcoming or accessible than they are today. No longer do we have phalluses made of stone, jade or hardened bread (seriously), or vibrators that look like medieval torture devices. If you can imagine it, it’s been designed. Click links with caution.

Vibrators are usually most people’s first sex toy purchase, and over 50% of women own one. So let’s learn the tricks and tips on buying one that you’ll keep for years.

Ask Yourself What You Want

A vibrator is simply a tool that can be used to help you understand more about your body, so take a second to check in with yourself and see what it is you want. What feels good for you? Are you going to use it by yourself? With someone else? Both? Do you want internal and external stimulation? How much pressure? This step is literally just asking you to masturbate. Seriously, go jerk off.


There are literally thousands of vibrators out there. You’ve got bullet vibrators, rabbits, wands, eggs- any shape and size you want. It’s also really important to make sure that whatever you’re buying is made of something safe. Sex toys aren’t regulated, so cheaper toys might contain chemicals that are potential carcinogens, or they might be porous meaning bacteria could get inside.


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Reputable brands won’t be using these materials, but if you’re really worried, stick with medical grade silicone, glass, or steel. When it comes to cost, you really get what you pay for. I’d expect to be forking out around $70-100. Your genitals will thank you.

Read The Reviews

Some things look really fancy but don’t live up to the hype. Read as many reviews as you can get your hands on, and even if the toy seems good overall, check the one-star reviews. Are they bringing up issues like loud buzzing or inflexible material that would be a real deal breaker for you? It might be frustrating, but you’re probably going to spend a decent amount of money on this, so you want to make sure you get it as right as possible. This step is especially important if you’re ordering online. But if you’re not…

Go There In Person

Sex shops stock multiple brands, so see if there’s any near you that have what you’re looking for. Even if they don’t, ask if there’s something similar you can check out- extra research never hurt anyone. When I say sex shop, I’m talking about a dedicated, informed, and well known store, not Honey Birdette.


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Whatever you’re terrified about asking them, believe me when I say that they’ve heard a lot worse. This is a chance to actually hold some vibrators and see some of the finer details. Most stores will tell you to put the toy on the tip of your nose to get an accurate sense of how powerful it would feel on a vulva.

Don’t Forget To Clean The Extras

PLEASE BUY TOY CLEANER I ABSOLUTELY BEG OF YOU. You should be washing your toys after every single use and if you’re using them with a partner, there really should be a condom on it.
Lube is also a good extra to chuck on at the end as well. As someone with sensitive skin, I recommend going in store to buy cleaner and lube to do a patch test. You’ve also got a chance to test out the feeling of the lube and make sure it’s not too watery, sticky, or just weird smelling.

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