All The Compromises We Shouldn’t Make In A New Relationship

Yeah, getting into a new relationship is exciting, you get to know a new person, tell your stories again, and go on dates (if you’re lucky). But it’s important not to get caught up in the whirlwind of love, and make sure you don’t compromise any of your priorities just because it seems like the your new S.O is heaven on earth.

Time With Family And Friends

Yep, you’ll want to spend every living breathing moment with your new S.O., I get it. But don’t forget your family and friends who have been by your side through thick and thin. The last thing you want to do is not prioritise them and then when shit hits the fan with said S.O., they won’t be there for you. Chances are, if the new S.O. has a heart, they’ll be willing to spend time with you, your friends and your family so you won’t have to compromise at all.


Be sure to stay true to your hobbies and your spare time antics. If you’re a gym junkie, don’t skip gym to Netflix & Chill (your PT will love you for this). Not only do you need your alone time so you can appreciate the time you have together even more, but it’s important to stay true to your hobbies and pastimes. Extra points if you can find a mutual appreciation for a hobby and make some sweet date out of it.


If you’ve got plans or dreams to move to another country or city, don’t skimp on it just because you found a hot new flirt. Chances are, you’ve set yourself some goals and aspirations, and a new S.O. definitely shouldn’t be a reason for you not to chase those aspirations (if you’re thinking of doing it long distance, we’ve got your back). You should always consider you priorities and remind yourself it’s early days.


Although your savings account might resemble that of a four year old’s piggy bank (guilty), it’s important not to compromise on this. Sure, spend a bit of money here and there on your new S.O., and if you’re willing, go above and beyond (lucky them). But if you’re always copping the bills and paying for the groceries, you shouldn’t compromise all those hard-earned dollars. In this case it’s best to keep your finances separate, and maybe bring it up with said new S.O.


You should never EVER compromise how you want to be treated. If you’re seeing someone new you should feel comfortable and giddy with excitement. If you’re not feeling this way, then, yup, you guessed it. They just aren’t for you. You need to stand your ground with the treatment you want and god damn deserve.

Your Damn Self

If you feel yourself changing implicitly, and you’re not feeling yourself, they’re probably not the right person for you (rough, I know). Your new S.O. should make you feel MORE like yourself, not less, and if you’re feeling doubtful of yourself/your character because of this new relationship, that’s another compromise you shouldn’t be making. (Hint: it’s just not going to work out).

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