All The Craziest Pictures From The Canberra Hail Storm

Ice literally as big as golfballs.

Of course, as you all know by now, the apocalypse is here. We’ve seen fire storms, dust storms, hail storms, and flash flooding all in this cursed month of January, and it seems like only the beginning of the Climate Catastrophe.

If you, like me, are glued to your phone and obsessively stalking Twitter to see the current update on what this joke of a climate is lobbing at us this time, then you also want to see all the insane pictures from Canberra’s hail storm.

Well look no further, because I’ve compiled the craziest/scariest pics people have shared of the golf-ball sized ice that’s hit Canberra, and it’s wild.

Our own staff writer, Zoe Brown, lost her entire windscreen to the hail. She sent us these pictures of the freak storm:

Zoe’s car windscreen was utterly eviscerated by the hail. Supplied: Zoe Brown
The entire street was covered with huge hail stones. Supplied: Zoe Brown

Buldings, Houses And Trees Were Totally Smashed By The Canberra Hail Storm

Glass buildings encasing years worth of experiments were tragically lost in the hail storms, losing valuable data.

At Least Some People Were Able To Make Light Of The Hail

The hail didn’t last long, but left years worth of damage both to property and to our wildlife. While some were lost, others were saved by good samaritans.

Hopefully more birds are rescued and saved, too. As for the weather – I’m done guessing at this point.

Image Sources: Twitter, Supplied: Zoe Brown

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