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All The Dumb Questions You’ll Be Asked Depending On Your Degree

There are so many degrees to choose from these days. And with these different avenues and vast opportunities, comes a whole tonne of idiotic questions relating to the degree chosen. It’s likely that we’ve had these questions uttered to us more than once and it never gets easier, that’s for sure.


“Can you read my mind? Ahah!”

As a former psychology major, I can confirm that you get this question more than you care to admit. And it never becomes funny. Seriously.. Just don’t. If you want to make it far in this life, you’ll have to learn the difference between a psychic and a psychologist. People who ask this question are part of the reason we study the human brain and behaviour. Y’all are whacked.


“Mate, I was wondering if you’d be able to help me out with something pro-bono?”

No, of course you can’t. You’re a year and a half into your five-year degree for goodness sake. You’re not qualified to give out legal advice to why to people ask for advice about their neighbour’s son’s dog who barks a lot. Or their ex-partner and they navigate the procedure of paying off their joint loan without tearing each other’s hair out.


“So I have this weird lump thingo.. It doesn’t hurt or anything.. well I mean, it aches a little but like.. it’s probably fine, right?”

For the love of God, go see a damn qualified Doctor. You know.. the ones who have been through strenuous, sleepless semesters? Have done their practical placement? The ones who actually know everything they need to know to diagnose you? But sure, you can come along and try to get an answer from someone who hasn’t the slightest idea yet.

Creative Writing

“Oh haha, isn’t there only money in that if you like… make it? No offence.”

Yeah sure, none taken mate. A) I swear once the word ‘writer’ is spoken out loud, everybody assumes that you’re struggling and drinking to cope with the stress. And B) what the hell is the definition of ‘making it’? There is money in the career if you put yourself out there and freelance, and yes, you can even land yourself a fulltime job writing if you put in enough work. Not all writers aspire to expensive book deals… if that’s what you mean by making it.

Arts Degree

“Yeah but why are you doing your degree through the arts avenue? Why not do it through the [insert faculty]?”

This degree can be a bit of a weird one, but it exists for a reason, people. Maybe people choose this degree because they want to have more flexibility with how they go about it? It is possible for people to choose to do multiple forms of study throughout their time at Uni. They don’t have to be a straight-one-eighty about it. Why don’t you just ask what they’re doing within their arts degree and be done with it. It’s not rocket science.

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