All The Inevitable Things That Happen When You Get Drunk With Your Pals

There’s nothing like sipping champagne or sinking beers with your pals. Be sitting around a bonfire, watching the latest trash TV, or hitting up the overpriced night clubs. The nights have endless possibilities, but there just seem to be some characteristics of these nights that are bound to happen.

IMMENSE Love For Your Friends

For some reason alcohol is a drug that makes you feel love and appreciation for those around you. There is no filter and you might even be mistaken for a gay couple. Suddenly that time your mate lent you $2 he became a God send and you never ever forgot about it. The conversation is a whole lotta lovin’ and appreciation. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

You Make Plans That Never Actually Happen

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Be an overseas trip, a weekend away, hungover brunch the next day or a reunion, it’s not. Going. To. Happen. Telling ‘ya now. While it might seem like a great idea when you’re drunk, it’s definitely a different situation the next morning (that is if you even remember it).

The Compliments Will Come Pouring Out

You’re best pal has honestly never looked so good, and you can’t help but tell them, 100 times, in 5 minutes. You want them to know JUST how good they look. They deserve it.

Cubicle Talk

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I can’t talk for you boys – but from what I gather you have sword fights… So I’ll leave it at that. Girls, on the other hand will enter the same cubicle, continue their conversation whilst peeing. No question about it. What? There’s gossip to be told here. This might also be why the line is always so long.

The Deep & Meaningful

There is honestly just something about alcohol that makes us emotional asf with our pals. You’re more than likely going to have a deep and meaningful conversation, whether that be about your current life situation, a confession (or multiple), your sex life or your religious beliefs. It’s going to happen, and everything is a big deal.

Overeating For The WIN

night court eating GIF by Laff

There is only one thing better than a grease-filled, cholesterol-causing kebab. And that’s a grease-filled, cholesterol-causing kebab with your best pal. Whether you be sitting in the gutter to demolish the mess or in the shop packed with drunk people, it is just heaven on earth. To be surrounded with your bestie and feel the greasy goodness fill up that alcohol belly, accompanied with laughs or dead silence because you’re too busy appreciating that kebab.

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