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All The Reasons Why Everyone Hated This Year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show

Maroon 5’s half time show at this year’s Super Bowl definitely wasn’t short of impressive light displays and fireworks. Possibly what is was lacking, however, was a coherent musical genre and well…taste?

Sites have taken the leap and described Maroon 5 and Travis Scott’s performance as ‘the worst in Super Bowl history’. That’s something ya just can’t really recover from, ever. So we can basically go HAM on the show and not feel regretful because the worst has already been said.

All the show’s epic fails are summed up here for you:

#1 Nipple Gate

Frontman Adam Levine led the band’s performance of the classic hits, ‘Moves like Jagger’ and ‘Girls Like You’ which were okay-ish, nothing too newsworthy. One thing that was made newsworthy though was ol’ Adam’s choice of outfit. As he dramatically stripped off and pranced around shirtless there were claims he was revelling Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction years ago. Janet was sledged for accidentallyย revealing one nipple during the performance, yet Levine takes the liberty to skip around shirtless and it’s perfectly okay? Twitter is screaming about it and rightly so.

#2 Movesย Notย Like Jagger

Travis Scott appeared on stage and things went from 0 to 100 real bloody quick. Travis was doin’ his thing and Levine was vibing major Dad vibes in what was a horrible excuse for dancing.

#3 Spongebob’s Sweet Victory Snubbed

Spongebob and Squidward hyped up Scott’s entrance onto the stage and fans were almost crying that Levine lived up to his promise to tribute the show’s legendary Sweet Victory tune. All lies. The intro was a major teaser and Scott went straight into belting out Sicko Mode (who coulda guessed).

Twitter is experiencing both highs and lows about the short Spongebob stint, some are sad it wasn’t given the tribute it deserved and others are just over the moon it made the cut, even if only just.

#4 Big Boi’s Thrift Shop Vibes

Oregon rapper Big Boi was repping real big, real cringey Macklemore vibes with that coat. But tbh, there’s a polar vortex going on in the US so we back his decision. Jury is still out on how many animals it took to make the coat though. He belted out Outkast song ‘The Way You Move’ and Levine then proceeded to wrap up what was unquestionably, without a freakin’ doubt, the biggest talking-point of the Super Bowl yet.


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