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All The Reasons You Should Travel In A Campervan On Your Next Trip

So we all see these people quitting their job to buy a campervan. Doing it up themselves and taking a year long road trip around the globe. They make it seem so easy. The lack of ‘proper’ showers and a real kitchen is the least of their worries.

It’d be nice to break away from that 9-5 and just take off to explore the road. You should probably try it sometime, even if it’s just for a weekend.


By driving and staying in a campervan, you have so much more freedom and the organisation is simple. Once you have the van, you’ve got everything. No need to book a different hotel every night and worry about car hire pick ups and drop offs. Get a van, get driving and take in the scenery. No need to ever miss the places that public transport doesn’t conveniently stop at.

You Can Make It ‘Home’


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This applies especially if you’re going on a long term trip. Big stints away from home can often make you feel lonely and homesick. But by having a van which you can make your own, you’re bringing a bit of home with you. When you’ve been out exploring all day, you don’t want to come back to a 14 bed dorm with people you don’t know and just a bed to your name. A van provides space that you can feel at home in with more privacy.

Save Money

Depending on where you are in the world, having a campervan in tow can often strip the extra costs of your usual trips. Hotels and hostels can cost a bomb in cities, and in rural areas sometimes cost even more! You can park your little home up at heaps of free campsites, making travelling in a campervan heaps cheaper than conventional hotels. More money to spend on the more important things aka food.

Room With A View


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Paying for balcony rooms or ones with an instagram worthy view at hotels can cost an absolute bomb. In a campervan, you can park up wherever you’d like and get some of the best views in the world. Whether you want to hear the waves as you fall asleep, wake up to a waterfall or to see the mist rising off a mountain. All is possible when you’ve got four wheels!

Transport Included

No need to organise accommodation and car hire separately. Let alone book buses and trains. Take some scenic drives cross country and check out some places most others can’t when they’re travelling. These places will be less touristy and means you’ll get some awesome photos and memories.

Dog’s Allowed


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Leaving your pup at home is heartbreaking when you go on a  trip. Or maybe you can’t go on holiday because you’ve got the dog. Bring he/she along in your home on wheels for an adventure you’ll love. There’s nothing better than having your dog as your personal hot water bottle in a chilly camper.

Declutter Your Suitcase

Travelling in a campervan means 1. You don’t have to keep packing and unpacking your bag until by the end of the trip, nothing fits in. 2. It encourages you to scale down on the amount of luggage you bring with you. Seriously, you don’t need 50 t-shirts and 20 pairs of shorts ‘just in case’ you need to change about 3 times a day. Live life on the minimal side.

And if you’re at a loose end about where to start your road trip, check out these ideas.

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