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All The Signs That You Should Move In With Your Partner

Moving in together is a huge step in your relationship, and you’re right to be nervous. For some, it’s definitely more of a significant progression than getting married. It can create lots of new pressures for the both of you which in turn, can cause conflict. But if you’re ready then it should be a natural next step in your relationship.  Every couple is different, so talk to your partner for guidance, do it at your own pace and pick up on these tips to see if you’re ready.

You Already Spend Most Of Your Time At Theirs

Or vice versa. It’s the old toothbrush scenario. If you own two, and one is subsequently at your partners’ place, it’s time to move in together. You experience that stinky morning breath on the reg and have probably been grocery shopping as a couple. You’re super comfortable with one another and are basically living together anyway so really, it’s practicality more than anything.

You Openly Talk (Or Joke) About It

If you’re comfortable enough with your relationship to even talk, or like I said, joke about moving in, then it’s a huge possibility that you will soon. Only couples who would seriously go through with the move are likely to talk to their other half about it. This shows commitment to one another and maturity about the next level of your relationship. Along with talking about moving in, it’s also important to get an understanding of your future plans to make sure you’re both on the same page. If you’ve ticked this box, you’re good to go.

You’ve Had Discussions About Money

Money is one of the most taboo and hard to talk about subjects within a relationship. It seems that as soon as you talk about money with your partner, you’re practically splitting yours in half and handing it right over. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it may be awks, if you’re to live together, you need to have some sort of agreement about who pays what and where money goes. Aka will you split rent? Will one pay for groceries and the other utilities? This completely depends on your financial independency but is a must if you’re making this next step.

You’ve Been On Holiday Together

A holiday or period of travelling is definitely a glimpse into a life of living with your partner. Spending almost 24 hours a day for an extended period of time with your other half means that no stones are unturned. Your partner officially knows all of your weird and annoying habits and you know theirs (try not to rip each others heads off). And if you survived this, then you’ve passed with flying colours. It’s time to move in.

The Honeymoon Phase Is Over

The days of not being able to keep your hands off each other are (long) gone. No, it’s not like you never touch each other but you’re pretty busy and instead of playing handsies on the sofa whilst watching Netflix, you’re more likely intently watching and discussing whilst sat opposite sides of the sofa. A different kind of love. Moving in together definitely doesn’t mean your sex life is going to be compromised, it just means your relationship is stronger and you don’t need to do it every time you see each other to keep the spark alive.

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