All The Suss AF Gifts You’ve Never Had To Awkwardly Open

Christmas and birthdays are a fun time until you’re unwrapping a gift in front of a crowd of onlookers pretending not to be an ungrateful little brat. How do you conceal your horror as you tear away at layers of shoddy wrapping paper, only to find a hot pink bikini that’s two sizes too big from none other than… your uncle?

How do you exchange thank you’s when you’re frantically trying to understand why in God’s name they’d given you this questionable and useless gift in the first place? TBH, I’m not really sure. The good news though? We’re not alone. Here is a collection of awkward gift-opening experiences we’re praising sweet baby Jesus aren’t from our own memory banks. Ahhh, laughing at others’ misfortunes is like a sip of warm, esteem-boosting, sugary goodness.

Our bet is after this one, this tutoring sitch is done and dusted

Ahhh, the gift of self pleasure.

Want to send a subtle message? Gift an aphrodisiac.

Denim’s the new silk, obvs.

Because there’s nothing more necessary than shitting in style, right?

The gift of remorse. Totally logical.

You can now continue your existence a little more comfortably knowing that your gift opening experiences aren’t nearly as suss as these. You’re welcome, carry on.

Image Source: Giphy, @JillFilipovic, @nataliapetrzela, @KathBarnes86, @jdillman, @lehoneychild, @ErinLacey1, @BridgitSFara44. 

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