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All The Things You Need In Your Suitcase Before Your Next Overseas Adventure

Whether you’re travelling to South America to check out the culture and trek Machu Picchu, heading over to the US to road trip around the country, Europe for max summer vibes or South East Asia for a quick getaway – travel is at the forefront for a lot of us.

But whether it’s a long haul trip or a little escape from normal life, we’ve teamed up with Travel Insurance Direct to hook ‘ya up with some things you just absolutely need to have in your suitcase before take off.  Get packing.

All Of The Adapters

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve straight up forgotten about such a simple thing. And of course while almost every airport will be able to bail you out if you forget, they will cost a pretty penny that wont be remotely worth the investment. Check out this little guide to power adaptors, and figure out what type you need for every country out there.

And this doesn’t mean solely power adaptors either; make sure you have an airplane audio adaptor. You know those two-pronged headphone-jack-looking adaptors that go into the armrest on your flight seat? A definite must have (because who actually even uses those awful excuse for headphones they give you on-flight?!).

Power Board

This will come in handy, especially if you’re travelling with a few people. Be the hero without a cape in your group and bring a power board with four to five slots so everyone can charge their phones during your little rest at the hostel before a night on the town.

Passport & Docs Holder

I’m honestly a little bit surprised at how many people don’t have a main spot for all those important travel documents. You know, your passport, a copy of your travel insurance (I’m just assuming you’ve sorted this by now, if not TID are offering 10%* off right here), your itinerary, accommodation details etc.

Whether it’s a simple and cheap travel wallet, something a bit more sturdy and reliable, or that slightly more fancy purchase, it’s a relatively inexpensive investment to keep all your important things in one place.

Eye Mask + Ear Plugs (You WILL Need Them)

Whether it’s for the commutes, or the bed next to you at your accommodation… you’re going to need these bad boys. And even if you’re a relatively deep sleeper, it’s good to just have them as safety. Your flight carrier will probably give you some in case you forget, but try and pack before hand so you can buy some decent ones.


Multi-Purpose Clothes And Shoes

While your exact clothing needs will depend on your location and season, you’ll need some shrewd little all-terrain items. Think of sneakers that are comfortable enough to walk in, but will still get you entry into bars. Shirts and dresses that are perfect for day-exploring and also commuting. And essentially anything which can be used for more than one purpose, big space saver.


A bit of a no-brainer really isn’t it? You wont need it every day, but when you’re in a bit of an emergency it’ll be very good to have. A small keychain one is all you need, and they tend to be pretty damn powerful these days.

A Few Extra Padlocks

A lot of suitcase these days come fitted with their own locking systems, heck even some upscale backpacks. But just steal an extra two or three padlock pairs from your parents/mates or invest at Kathmandu. I once only took one padlock for my main bag overseas and managed to misplace it at the first of nine hostels for the trip (I’m capable of amazing things obviously).

Just hide them away in your carry-on bag or somewhere they can’t get misplaced (ie in your toiletries bag, with souvenirs etc). Checking-in my luggage to flights without a lock was one of the most stressful moments of life, let alone travel. #NeverAgain

Mini Luggage Scale

A friend of mine bought one of these on my first big overseas trip and I think it saved our entire group on countless occasions. It’s basically a small little device that you can attach to any bag to see how much it weighs. If you know you’re pushing your allocated amount of weight just invest now. It’ll cost you less than one drink this weekend and can fit in your pocket.


Yes, this applies to both you guys and girls.

Smart Toiletries

Whether you’re away for a month or week, you wont need a full bottle of body gel. Nor shampoo. Nor conditioner. Either buy smaller bottles, or switch them into tiny containers. Toiletries are most definitely the secret killer when it comes to bag weight, so play it smart friends.

About to duck off on a much-needed trip overseas? Heck yes you deserve it. And goodness knows you don’t want any unneeded stresses, so check out the insurance out with TID right here (you’ll also get 10%* off!). Less worrying, more amazing views, culture and people. Safe travels friends. 💕

* T&C’s apply, please refer to TID for the full list of deets.

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