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All The Things You’re Bound To Encounter When Moving Overseas

So, you’ve decided to pack your life into a suitcase, book a one way ticket and move away from your hometown. Whether that be because you’re chasing a career, a love interest (a serious one at that), or just need a change of scenery, moving overseas can be daunting. It’s all an experience at that, but there are some thing every traveller is bound to encounter.

Language (Or Accent) Barriers

Thongs, G-strings and everything in-between (the crack of your toes or your butt). If there’s one thing for sure – it’s that Aussie slang has some weird connotations, and you probably won’t realise this until you’re in a completely foreign place and say something that’d be completely normal here in Oz. At first, the locals will sound very foreign to you, but eventually you’ll be sounding just like them and bringing the accent back home.

Your Local…

All those normal habits you had at home? Forget ’em. You’re going to have to learn a whole new neighbourhood, including your local grocery store, bottle-O and servo (writing this I realise we as Aussies really do have some odd connotations). This one kind of goes without saying, but it’s definitely something you’ll encounter. If you’re moving to a country where they speak a different language and you’re not bilingual, good luck to you.


Look, I honestly have not travelled that much myself. But from what I’ve heard in some countries the sun doesn’t go down until 10pm, and if that doesn’t confuse you, well, good for you. Meanwhile, I thought daylight savings was confusing enough. It’ll take a sure while for you to get on the wave of the different timezone, not to mention the time difference between you and home, should you call your Mother when you need life advice. (Hint: she won’t be very happy if it’s at 2am)

Love Affairs

Perhaps it’s a tall, handsome, smooth-talking, polite gentleman. Maybe it’s a long-legged blonde bombshell. Look, if you’re going overseas and you’re single, you’re probably going to find someone, and while I can’t guarantee it’ll end well, it’ll be an experience at least, and leave you with stories to tell you friends and family .


I know, I know, you don’t want to admit it. But chances are you’re leaving behind your family (and your family dog) for a longggg time to come. Even if you are heartless and didn’t cry when the dog died in Marley & Me, you’re going to get homesick eventually. While you might get caught up in the excitement of moving and meeting new people at first, you’ll start missing home after a while. If you’re leaving the land of Oz, you’re going to miss the vegemite and Weet-Bix, even though you never thought you would.

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