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All The Times Rami Malek Slayed On The Big Screen And We Rudely Didn’t Even Notice

It’s only early days but we’re making the call: the star of 2019 is without a doubt Rami Malek. There really is no other guy that could pull off Freddie Mercury’s legendary overbite and checkered, skin-tight bodysuit whilst still looking absolutely bangin’. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this Golden Globe winning role was his debut on the big screen because well, we can’t remember seeing him in another role. News flash: Rami has been on the big screen for decades and we’re sad for never noticing.

Rami is, in fact, a seasoned big screen actor and after starring in a whole bunch of not just low-key, low-budget films, we owe him an apology for rudely undervaluing his star studded career. With a jawline chiselled from what can only be God’s very own hands, he’s our most recent Hollywood lover boy that just won his very first Golden Globe (claps for you golden boy).

Here are all the films you didn’t know he starred in and essentially, all the reasons why our love heart eyes for Rami should’ve been a thing ages ago.

A Night At The Museum

You were probably a bratty and self righteous, pre-pubescent 12 year old at this stage so there’s little wonder why Rami flew under your radar. In Night At The Museum and starring alongside our primary school good-for-laughs hero Ben Stiller, Rami played Pharaoh Akmenrah. Darling Rami we’re SO sorry you went totally unnoticed in your adorable, gold encrusted headpiece.


You’re allowed to have wiped the #teambella vs #teamedward days from your memory because let’s face it, the Twilight fandom times were a horribly embarrassing chapter of the Internet age. Anyways, in what was a truly gripping part of Bella and Edward’s dramatic love story, Rami stars in a battle that breaks out between the vampire coven, the Volturi and the rest of Edward’s grossly incestuous family. Rami’s character Benjamin is called upon by the Cullen family to protect them against their enemies (not that we really care for the vampire deets).

The Gilmore Girls

A baby faced Rami Malek took on his first ever acting gig in the legendary series Gilmore Girls back in 2004. Rami played Andy, a member of Lane’s bible study group, in a role that offered him just three lines. Obvs it was a small role but it launched his career in Hollywood biz. Head over to Netflix and watch Season 4 Ep11 ‘In the Clamor and Clangour’ to witness Rami just being the cutest little bible boy we’ve ever seen.

Mr Robot

This hit American drama series is airing on the US Network and nowhere to be found on our Netflix browsers so you’re forgiven for not recognising it. Anyhoo, we feel like proud parents hearing that Rami plays the show’s lead guy, Elliot: a cybersecurity engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night.

So now you’re all up to date with Rami’s film roll you can continue to squeal in delight as he hopefully, and goddamn deservedly, accepts more big screen roles in the future.

Image Source: Giphy, Netflix, Youtube,

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