All The Travel Gadgets You Need For Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re venturing far upon the horizon or cruising the surrounding country to your usual locale, ditching the creature comforts of home is no easy task. For those of us who are picky particular, it’s important to bring your tech savvy utility with you when travelling. There’s something so wonderfully novel about loading up your carry on, backpack or boot with a gadget or three; perhaps it’s the James Bond esque application. Travelling just got a whole lot easier so go go gadget.

360 Fly

Leave that GoPro behind and amp up your travel footage with a wider view. Marrying supreme portability with a whole new perspective (thanks to all those extra degrees), you’ll be creating immersive videos worthy of your own travel blog in no time. The 360Fly makes editing a breeze too, thanks to their handy app and multiple attachments. It’s waterproof and action ready, for whatever your travelling entails.

Seaquatix Case

Clumsy with your phone? Package it up in a case sure to protect you from any unwanted travel mishaps. Whether it’s the snow you’re off too or sun kissed beaches, the Seaquatix has you covered. Literally. That cocktail poised to spill dangerously close to your phone, your prized possession and memories all wrapped in one, is no longer a worry. From snorkelling to taking to the slopes, know your phone is safe.

The Scrubba Washing Bag 

If the thought of battling fellow travellers for a hostel washing machine fills you with dread, the Scrubba is for you. It’s a bag built to take the washing experience wherever you go. Not just a camping companion, the portable washing machine is a lifesaver when you splatter some local cuisine on your white tee or have a little pub crawl mishap. Mum would be proud.

Steamfast Portable Steamer

For business jet setters and fabric obsessees alike, the portable steamer will save you from crinkles without compromising space. Lightweight and high impact, turn those crumpled shirts and mangled suits into prime wear in moments. No hotel ironing service required.

Belkin Portable Kit

When you travel your battery becomes a lifeline, without it you’re stuck roaming foreign cities without a clue and not a word of the local language to help you out. Keep charged and colour matched with Belkin’s colour kits, there’s a car charger, power pack and wall charger all in monochromatic style – so you don’t lose a single bar while abroad. Roam with confidence and unlimited battery.

Micro Kickboard Luggage

The thought of navigating an airport on foot leave you exhausted? Push that luggage trolley to the side and roll onto your flight in style. A suitcase come scooter, cruisey holiday mode starts now. Like a grown up version of the rolling shoes, except not that much more grown up.

GhostDrone 2.0

For the avid photographers and masterful videographers, the Ghostdrone 2.0 will take your captures to all new heights. Quite literally. Coming with a VR headset so you can cruise the skies as you fly and an easy to use interface, you’ll be reliving your holiday adventures in high definition. It’s an investment piece, but if you like your toys it’s the ultimate ride.

Thermacell Heated Insole

Chronically chilly? Wander the snow dusted streets or colder climates without the chitter chatter of your freezing teeth. These insoles will keep you toasty from the ground up with thanks to your handy remote control. Shiver less and explore more.

Studio Banana Ostrich Pillow

Hate sleeping while flying? Or any modes of transport? Enter the Ostrich Pillow, what it lacks in glamour it makes up for in comfort, ten fold. Fall asleep wherever you are in this light depriving cushy heaven. Wake up in your destination ready to explore and fully rested, no shame in sleeping.

Prynt Portable Phone Printer

Like the idea of a polaroid but can’t justify bringing two plus cameras along for the ride? The Prynt is here to bridge that gap. Hooking  up to your smartphone you can print your perfectly filtered shots and keep them as mementos. Or hand out pictures of yourself to new friends, the possibilities are endless.

BacTrack Smartphone Breathalyser

If you plan on getting behind a wheel wherever you’re taking off to, it’s worth your while to invest in this little pocket rocket. A smartphone attached breathalyser that will truly save your life and your travels. Or perhaps for the pure novelty of checking just how blotto you are on the pub crawl, you do you. But drink responsibly of course.

Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine 

Coffee snobs rejoice, you no longer need to suffer the fate of poorly brewed foreign coffee. The Wacaco Minispresso is a barista in your bag, doing all the grinding and twirling for you, all you have to do is sit back and sip.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker 

Lost luggage your ultimate fear? It’s time to track your possessions and not just leave it up to the bustle of baggage handlers. The Trakdot offers GPS tracking of your luggage all over the world, just pack it in between your folded offering and off you go. From potential lost items to robberies, travel with a little extra piece of mind.

Tentsile Tree Tent 

For the adventurous travellers, this tent will see you sleeping in a hammock come bed with poise. Pitch a little differently next time you camp and hoist yourself above the ground for an eve. How very Bear Grylls of you.

Speakeasy Briefs 

Flasks are the antidote to expensive drinks and if concealment is your issue – these briefs are for you. Not just for bevies though, you can stash all your important belongings in the bulge and party on without worry. Hello passport safely tucked away.

Flexsafe Portable Safe

If you’re not in a nice enough establishment to warrant an in-room safe or you want to keep you belongings safe at the beach, the Flexsafe will keep your shit on lock. A wise investment for those who are likely to leave their possessions unattended without fear of consequences. I’m sure your travel insurance is great, but better safe than sorry.

illi Wearable Translator

Language barrier no more, illi is the innovative portable translator crafted by the hands of Japanese inventors and it’s here to make your travelling a whole lot simpler. Communicate with ease and join the local conversation wherever you are, it’s like a local in your pocket.

Spivo Rotating Selfie Stick

If you like your photos from the selfie extended angle, this is the pinnacle of selfie sticks. The Spivo is all spinning, all capturing and all length, making sure you can deep sea dive or capture your position with ease. It’s as stable as they come, making for shake free shutters.

Toshiba Encrypted Flash Drive

If you’re keeping all your data on a flash drive en route, it only makes sense to encrypt that shit. Save any nosey travellers who fall upon your flash drive from your cheeky nudes or business docs (or both). You may not think you need it, but if Edward Snowden has taught us anything it’s paranoia ain’t so paranoid when it comes to data security.

Retimer Jet Lag Glasses

Finally a solution to jet lag. Well at least a proper remedy, the Retimer glasses help cue your body into a timezone so you don’t have to yawn your way through the day or sit wide awake until the early hours. A wearable tech we can get around.

Image source: Travel Away, Never Post, Acoustic Sleep, Mandeseager, Kickstarter, Tech Radar, Gypsea Lust. 

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