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All The Types Of People You’ll Meet In Hostels

If you’re travelling overseas on a budget, chances are you’ll be hostel-hopping, and, well, you’ll meet some interesting characters. Nevertheless, you’ll meet some great people and some not so great people. Here are just some of the people you’re bound to come across:

The Introvert

This person will almost never annoy you, the perfect roomie if you want to be left alone. You don’t know whether they just have a general hatred for everyone, or if they’re just seriously not into socialising. They’re also weirdly nocturnal and are on their laptop almost all night but somehow up at 5am to get to the bathroom first to ensure they don’t have to interact with anyone.


king of the hill eating GIF

For all you know, this person LIVES in this hostel. They seem to have a pretty permanent set up, and they seem to know all the staff. Any questions and this guy has got you covered. Want to know the best local bar? He knows about it. Want to know where the hidden local gems are? You bet.


We get it, you are musically talented. Are we jealous? Perhaps. This person will carry their guitar with them basically everywhere and will never be afraid to show off their talent. You’ll find them sitting in the communal area strumming up Wonder wall late at night, and they probably pull the ladies.

Party Animals

beer frat boy GIF

Not. Who. You. Want. To. Be. Sharing. With. Unless of course, you like being awoken at 3am to bright lights and loud stumbles. This group of people will leave the house all day, are never quiet, and somehow just continue to party, when they should be fighting a hangover. Although, they’re good to be around if you’re heading out for the night.


This person seems like your average Joe, until you find them on Instagram with a ridiculous number of followers. They’re constantly taking photos, writing posts or just on their laptop. They’ve travelled through more countries than you can count, seem to of had some amazing life experiences and are somehow living the dream (and getting paid for it). Are you jealous of them? You bet.

Giggling Girls

happy good news GIF by Productions Déferlantes

Yep, the dynamic duo, the troublesome trio, the girls. They travel in a pack, giggle at literally everything. You do NOT want to get stuck in a room with the gal pals. They seem to have so much sh*t squashed into that bag of theirs it’s ridiculous – makeup, straighteners, hairdryers, you name it, they’ve packed it. Better yet, it’s basically guaranteed to be splattered across the whole entire room.

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