All The Types Of People You’re Bound To See At The Gym

It’s the season for getting that summer bod. And if you’re a regular gym goer, you’re bound to see some of these faces around. Some you shake your head at, some you want to punch right in the face and some could even be you. Whilst we appreciate everyone’s effort to go to the dreaded gym, we can’t help but give a few a second glance..

The Selfie King/Queen

There is no doubt the number of selfie takers is on the rise. If you don’t take a picture and post it on your story, did you even go to the gym?!

The Sweater

There’s always one person sweating profusely after about 5 minutes and most of the time forgets to wipe down the now soggy machine. Hope ya’ brought a spare t-shirt, mate.

The Show-Off

Probably wearing skin tight gym gear in front of the mirror with a protein shaker in hand. You hate them, but you’re kinda jel of the sheer muscle on these people.

The Grunter

You’ve got your music on but the roar somehow gets through *turns volume to max*. If you forgot those precious headphones, you’re in for a loooong workout.

The Machine Hogger

“Sorry, I’m using that machine.” No you’re not, you were doing pull ups 10 metres away. Whatever you do, don’t be this person.

The Power Couple

That couple you kinda wanna throw up over ’cause they’re so cringe but on the other hand you kind of wish you and your partner would gym together on a daily basis. #RelationshipGoals

The Minimalist

The one person watching movies whilst walking (basically crawling) on the treadmill. I mean kudos to you for making the effort, but seriously?

The Rookie

The newbie to the gym scene. They want to make it look like they know what they’re doing but in reality are defs effing up every exercise they attempt. They’ll learn.

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