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All There Is To See And Eat At Sculptures By The Sea

The Bondi to Coogee pilgrimage is a summer ritual for Sydneysiders. The view sublime, the exercise incidental and the food waiting at the end even better. Ornamental additions will be dotting the coastline from today, yes it’s that time of year again. Sculptures By The Sea brings art to the coast, an outdoor gallery like no other. So before you head down to battle the crowds here’s a sneak peek at the artistry and a list of eats to power you through. If you didn’t ‘gram it did it even really happen?

What To See

Weave the reef, love the reef installed at sculpture by the sea bondi 2016. #sxsmoments #sxsbondi16 #rownsvilleshines

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The Barrier reef is taking over Bondi one art installation at a time. See this colourful coral explosion as it climbs up the reef. Extra points if you find Dory or Nemo.

Giant bag in Bondi #sculpturebythesea @shebahaider @sculpturebythesea #sxsmoments

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Designer drab takes over Bondi every day of the year but this giant lithium tote is something else. If you stand far enough away you can capture yourself as if holding it. But get in quick now everyone’s sure to do it.

Beware of the god is what it says. @sculpturebythesea #sxsmoments

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The pearly gates of heaven would be perched along the seaside you’d hope. This sculpture is a wonderful comment on religion and morals, while still being oh so pretty to take photos of.

Sculptures by the sea???????? #beforethecrowds

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Perched on the cliffside is this steel enclosure come water droplet, streaming from a tap overhead. Water usage is a major concern  for us eco-friendly folk and this piece installation captures that wonderfully.

Your life is simply a reflection of what you put into it…. Don't just say you are ready to move forward or achieve what you want out of life, put in the hard work and ask yourself…. What is it I need to do, to get where I want to be? Because at the end of the day, intentions never create shit without actions .. It's your actions that will get you where you want to go… What haven't you addressed about yourself that may be holding you back ? ???????????? #sculpturesbythesea #bondi #bondibeach #reflection #actions #sxsmoments

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Time for a little reflection? You’ve come to the right spot. A thought provoking little box, coloured to match the great blue yonder nearby. A real looker from every angle.

It's what #instavid dreams are made of #sxsmoments #glamarama

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A hills hoist firmly planted in the sand at Tamaramma that glistens and gleams as it spins. Take a Boomerang, a snap or perhaps even just watch it endlessly. Whatever suits.

This girl is creepy. #sculpturebythesea #sxsmoments #bondi #bondilocal #ilovebondi

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A little girl standing statuesque (quite literally), with tonal accents to contrast the natural landscape. Although she may seem a little creepy, she makes for stunning viewing when you’re there.

Hangin' tusk. ???????? #wednesdayhangs #tamarama #sxs2016 #hangglider #rhino #sunset #sxsmoments @sculpturebythesea

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A comment on the state of tusk trading sees a Rhino dug deep into the sand. Limbs flail as the Rhino meets an early grave. Social commentary through art at its absolute finest.

'Dearest' 2016, currently on exhibition @sculpturebythesea on the headland at Mark's Park. A collaboration w street artist @fieldey. Come and experience her tentacular embrace while watching the whales on their annual migration down the Australian coast….truly the best view of all! #dearest #sxsbondi2016 #margaritasampson #fieldey #sydneyart #sculptures #conceptualfurniture #contemporaryart #pinkbits #chairs #sealife #textiles #savethebarrierreef

A photo posted by Margarita Sampson (@margaritasampson) on

While this may seem like a tentacle extension of Ursula the sea witch, it’s something much better. A seat shaped out of ocean limbs so viewers can sit with the best view in the house as whales migrate south. Spectacular concept and worth fighting the hordes for a seat.

You can look but you can't come in. You're welcome but you're not. #art #statement #sxsmoments #bondi #newsouthwales #greatersydney #australiagram #sunrise #wowaustralia #statementart

A photo posted by Beck (@beckstarco) on

Particularly poignant this caged artwork taps into the deepest of asylum seeker fears. Excluded from society, close by but always segregated. The prison spotlight at night or early morn, makes this piece really come alive.


A photo posted by Michael Bellamy (@michaeljbellamy) on

Rather than beached as bro’, this ship run aground finds itself teetering precariously on a cliff. Is it a tanker, a pirate ship or an explorer helmed vessel? You’ll have to head down and find out.

Good Morning Ben Buckler. #goodmorning #bald #man #art #culture #sculpture #sea #coast #coastline #costalwalk #bonditobronte #benbuckler #bondibeach #bondi #sydney #nsw #australia #ilovesydney #streetart #sculpturesbythesea #blue #white

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The calming influence of the sea meets a symbol for tranquility, as a buddha opens his arms to Bondi. It may look like you could practice the Titanic move on this white marvel but it’s bigger than it seems, so not advised.

Might as well take a shot before the droves flock in #sculpturesbythesea

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A twirl of glass that ripples with the water and glimmers with each tide. The very definition of sea glass.

Do these come in my size? ???????????????? #sculptures #sculpturesbythesea #bondi #coogee #tamarama #nsw #travel #travelgram #art #traveling #beach

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Is there anything more quintessentially summer than a pair of Havianna’s? The dread when one breaks, when the days too hot and it begins to stick to the tar of the road or god forbid you loose one in the sand. A photo op worth waiting for.

What To Eat


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Day 10 out of 10 ????#18hourslater #finallyready #quickcatnap #imeanquick #weopentomorrow #imeantoday #thegrounds #thegroundsbythesea #sculpturesbythesea @thegrounds @ramzey.c @theresemoussa @tysonjrowsell @benoitlabat @rene.hernandez7

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The Grounds By The Sea

A Sydney hero is coming back to Tama for a summer vacation by the water. Grounds by The Sea has popped up as a desert oasis channelling a Palm Springs vibe like no other. Known for creating an experience for diners the cavern is a must stop for those seeing the sights. Open from 7am-7pm daily for the whole run of Sculptures By The Sea, grab a coffee or a bev after work.

Happy Friday…you can now grab a quenching knock off drink and a pure pop all in one @manlyskiff whoo hoo enjoy the weekend ????????#purepops #summerneverends #100%natural #coldpressedisthebest

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Pure Pops at Tamaramma Kiosk

On a steamy hot day what’s the best cure? Perhaps a cheeky icy pole. But trust in Tama it’s not your usual lemonade variety, instead Pure Pops is 100% natural and delish. The flavours are wild, ginger beer and lime or watermelon, strawberry and mint for the grown ups. When the weather demands it what can you do?

Nothing beats a bagel by the beach on the first day of summer ???????????????????????? ???? :: @sheralynt #bagel #bondi #bondibeach #sydneysunmer #whitesand #salmon #loxbagel #loxstockandbarrel #sydney #foodies

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Lox Stock & Barrel

This New York style deli and diner serves up fine fare all day long. If you’re walking in the morning grab a bagel to fuel your steps, they’re soft and not too sweet. Or if you’re visiting in the evening the sharing platters are superb, a selection of smoked meats, vegetable nibbles and bagel chips. Don’t whip out your Brooklyn accent here, they’re about as close to New York as you can get without a passport.

These cuties have got the right idea, happy Friday folks! @georgiarubym @lizlyons_ #porchevenings

A photo posted by P O R C H & P A R L O U R (@porchandparlour) on

Porch and Parlour

For the health conscious among us, this is the perfect pit stop before you wander the sights. Organic wholesome delights are served all day long, but the breakfast is the real breadwinner. Unless of course your gluten free, but they’ve got you sorted then too. The woodsman marries a mixture of mushrooms, a dukkah crusted egg and goats curd for an unexpected win. Dukkah anything and it will be great. You’ll need proper fuel before you deal with the crowds. Or post evening walk hit up the cocktails and nibbles, go on tuck in.

LETS TACO ABOUT OUR TACO TOPPINGS TONIGHT $5 from 5pm FALAFEL tahini yoghurt, fresh pickles, tomato, onion & herbs FISH TACO Pico de gallo, cabbage, jalapeno herb crema, lime JERK CHICKEN Pineapple salsa avocado & shaved cabbage $5 TECATE BEER, $10 MARGARITAS AND $6 KIDS MEALS #wednesdays #humpday #bondibeach #bucketlistbondi

A photo posted by The Bucket List (@thebucketlistbondi) on

The Bucket List

When a restaurant says waterfront they don’t usually mean on the beach, but that’s exactly what Bucket List is. A Bondi local in itself The Bucket List is the perfect finish after a sunset art stroll. Tuck into their fish tacos, fish burger or just classic fish and chips. Or skip the art and just people watch from your prime vantage point along the installation trail. Do whatever you please with drink in hand.

Image source: Australian Turf Club.

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