All Ya Need To Know About The Shitshow NSW State Election Tomorrow

There are two fundamental elements to Election Day tomorrow. One is ensuring you are aptly prepared to project your educated, informed and flawlessly confident political voice into the void of democracy (which is no less than a fkn shitshow right now can I get an AMEN). The other? Ensuring your sausage, to onion, to sauce ratio is on fkn maximum salivation inducing point . Both are equally as important, people. Here’s how nail both. 

Are You Enrolled?

To check you are enrolled to vote tomorrow, verify your enrolment here. If ya don’t vote you’ll be rackin’ up a hefty fine that neither you, nor I, can afford.

What’s A State Election?

We DO NOT blame you for not knowing this seemingly simple question. Here’s what you’ll be casting a vote for tomorrow:

1: The Legislative Assembly (the lower house of the NSW Parliament)

2: The Legislative Council (the upper house of the NSW Parliament)

Where Do I Go?

A list of voting centre locations can be found here. Voting centres open bright and early at 8am and close at 6pm. We understand if you are resting a hefty hangy tomorrow but please, awake before 3pm and get your ass to a polling centre in a jiffy.

What Ballot Papers Will I Get?

If you’re voting at your local voting centre tomorrow, you’ll be given two voting papers:

1: A small one for the Legislative Assembly

2: A large one for the Legislative Council

These papers are long AF, utilising roughly 2.5 trees per piece. Handle with care.

How Do I Fill Out The Legislative Assembly Paper?

For the Legislative Assembly you must put a 1 in the square next to the candidate you want to elect. This part is optional preferential – meaning you can also show more choices by putting a number 2 next to your second choice, then a 3 for your third etc.

And What About The Legislative Council?

For the Legislative Council ballot papers, each member represents the whole state in Parliament for an eight-year term. The names will be shown on your ballot paper, so too will their party name if they’re endorsed by a registered political party. If not, they may have ‘Independent’ next to their name.

This paper will have a thick line running across it, with group voting squares above the line and a series of columns with candidates below it. The candidates above the line allow you to vote for all candidates of that group featured below the line.

So Do I Vote Above Or Below The Line?

When completing your ballot paper, you must choose to vote either ‘above the line’ or ‘below the line’.

Voting above the line: Put a number 1 in the voting square of your most preferred candidate. By doing this you’re voting for each of their candidates appearing below the line.

Vote below the line: Put a number 1 next to your preferred candidate. You must put a number 2 next to your second most preferred, then a 3 and so on until you reach number 15. Remember! If you choose to vote below the line do not put numbers in squares above the line – this will render your vote invalid.

Your Vote Matters & Onion Goes On Top

The top dogs in Government right now are like, swimming in their own mud bath of bad policies and egos etc but this is the way democracy works. You’ve gotta vote for the best option among the worst. One other extremely vital element of the process is remembering that tomato trumps bbq sauce every day of the week and onions go ON TOP of the snag. Whoever said they go on the bottom deserves a slap. I will not debate this universal fact.

Image Source: Giphy, Unpslash. 

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