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All The Alternatives To Stressing Over Job Rejection

Isn’t it the greatest feeling ever being rejected for a job in which you slaved hours applying for? The sad reality is, applying for a job and actually getting it is now harder than ever and job rejection even more common. The job market is super competitive and getting that break through role after graduation is tough. You find yourself in limbo, stuck in your casual job, craving a full time salary and steady hours. Instead you get email after phone call saying “Sorry, you’ve been unsuccessful.” It’s bloody disheartening and can naturally lead to stress and anxiety. These are certainly normal feelings, but rather than internalising those emotions, it’s time to dust yourself and try again.

Write A New Application

Take that frustration from your job rejection and put it into a new application for a bigger and better job. Rather than stressing over the fact that you planned your life around getting a job that you didn’t, take time to understand why you were unsuccessful. Look back over the application and take the feedback the employer gave you. Use all of this emotion and advice in order to produce the best application you’ve ever made. Don’t dwell people, excel!

Remind Yourself Of The Good Things In Your Life

If you’re stressing over a job you didn’t get, think to yourself? Do I at least have some form of income coming in? Am I surrounded with good people? Do I have exciting things planned for the coming month? Do not let the stress of a job failure infiltrate into the positive aspects of your life. The job hunting process takes a great deal of time. I mean go out and ask anyone remotely successful and they’ll tell you the same. The greater your positive mindset, the more it will translate into your next application.

Review Your Life Achievements

Dwelling over a job rejection is simply pointless. Most of the time the rejection has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your competition, meaning you’re also capable and worthy. Reflect on what you have achieved so far in your career. Graduating from uni is a huge accomplishment and dedicating time to interning for free is also a huge tick on the old resume. Rather than stressing, think about how far you’ve already come, and probably at a pretty young age.

Channel Your Stress Into Exercise

It’s pretty renown that exercise releases good endorphins and can totally spike motivation. Channel some of that anger and frustration about your job rejection into a gym session or a run in the park. It will be a therapeutic way to release the negativity and bring about the positivity. It will also remind you of how capable your body is or enduring challenges, so bring that to your mental state.

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