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Amber Heard’s Comments About Gender Equality On Intl Women’s Day Are Now Trash Talk

The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp saga has been an ongoing battle for years. Heard accused Depp of abuse throughout their entire marriage and it was here that the perpetual downfall of Depp, the notoriously kind hearted and gentle guy, truly began. Yet as it turns out, Depp’s career took a fatal downfall for absolutely nothing but Heard’s own self-promotion. This is downright tragic.

Chilling new evidence of Heard’s brutal assaults, including photographs of Depp’s bruised face and exposed finger (next level shit), have sent me on an anti-Heard rampage and I’m now taking the liberty to call her out on some extremely FAKE NEWS.

At an International Women’s Day event organised last week by Marie Claire and United Nations Human Rights, Heard delivered what is now the most tragically ironic speech of the century. I hate that it’s at the demise of Depp but here you go, here’s what she said.

“The truth is there is so much more to be done. Inequality is deeply unjust and yet common, normalised, tolerated and visible.

โ€œDiscrimination limits opportunities and choice in a world of immense potential and talent.”

โ€œThe struggle for equality is a long one and one must acknowledge and enjoy the success, especially recently.โ€

So Amber, who are you preaching to here? Who is your audience and what is your intention? I’m just generally curious for the sake of everyone. 

She added,

โ€œBy institutionalising change, our commitment to ending violence and discrimination against women will not be tied to fleeting cycles of outrage or viral media movements but instead be permanently enshrined in some of our most important global institutions.โ€

Whilst I’m by no means a legal expert, just a lousy student/writer trying my best to make sense of this wild world, I feel pretty confident in calling her out for this kind of talk. Don’t get me wrong, her points convey an important message and address some serious issues. It’s just that when you’re brutally assaulting men behind closed doors, these words immediately become trash talk.

Rant over.

Image Source: @celebnewsnetwrk Twitter, @AmberHeard Twitter.

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