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An Alabama Church Is Screening The Banned Same-Sex Wedding Episode Of Arthur

Cheers, this Alabama church is hosting a wedding celebration for Mr. Ratburn

An Alabama Methodist Church is hosting a public screening of the same-sex wedding episode of Arthur that the state gov banned from playing on public television. And the message the church is trying to send is heartwarming.

This episode, Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone, features Arthur’s teacher, Mr. Ratburn, marrying his partner Patrick. The episode is receiving praise by many because of its progressive nature. Let’s be real, we’re all very happy for the lucky couple! It’s certainly one small step for gay rat weddings and one giant step for media representation of homosexuality. I absolutely love it.

Yet Alabama (of course) is the only state that banned public television from screening this episode. Their government claims the ban is in place because they wanted parents to be able to choose whether their child could watch it or not. Because ya know, watching a same sex rat wedding can easily turn your son gay. Parental discretion is advised.

The episode aired nationally in the United States on Monday 13 May. In Alabama, the ban on airing the episode remains. They literally aired an older episode of Arthur instead of playing the new one.

Free United Methodist Church will serve wedding cake and sparkling juice to celebrate the wedding, along with the free screening, on Saturday 15 June. The church collaborated with Sidewalk Film Festival and Shout LGBTQ Film Festival to organize all this sweet progressiveness.

“Weddings take places at churches all the time. So First Church seems like a perfect venue for the cartoon in my opinion,” says Rachel Morgan, creative director of both festivals.

This is the same state with the craziest abortion laws – they’ve placed a ban on abortions in all cases, including rape. And that’s cool with them. But a gay rat cartoon wedding is way too controversial.

Alabama’s Methodist church screening this episode, along with their traditional wedding-style celebration, is heartwarming for a number of reasons. In case you weren’t aware, churches throughout history have been a tad homophobic. This church is seriously sending a powerful message that all are welcome to praise.

This is a considerable blow to the Alabama government. The arseholes making these unreasonable decisions are super religious and are using their religiosity to push an ungodly agenda. So the fact that a church is being more open minded when it comes to homosexuality is truly saying something.

Image: GIPHY, Twitter 

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