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An Investigation Into What Bieber & Ed’s Mystery ’10’ Could Mean

Bieber has been a little MIA in recent years and TBH, distance does make the heart grow fonder. Where for art thou Biebs? Actually, don’t answer that. We’ve all reluctantly accepted the fact that you’ve rudely traded us for your disgustingly adorable and totally goals relationship with Hailey Baldwin Bieber. We see you Biebs, you can’t hide.

Just when we thought he had frolicked to happily ever marriage land – never to return – the Biebs made a surprise appearance at Coachella alongside Ariana Grande. It was his first on-stage appearance in 2 years and it was a real treat. To top it off, the Biebs mumbled a few golden words that have stirred up a lot of excitement. Apparently there’s an “album coming soon” and his latest activity in the Twittersphere could give us an indication of when it’s all happening – albeit it’s cryptic AF.

On the 1st of May, Biebs posted a pic of himself and ginger darlin’ Ed Sheeran in some interesting t-shirts. Standing before a green screen, and sporting the same pose, it appears a collab between the two is most definitely on the cards (it’s a…No Brainer). The question on everyone’s lips is what does this mystery ’10’ stand for and why are artists resorting to overly cryptic messages to hype us all up? We’re already hyped, guys, just give us the goddamn deets.

Then, in a rapid turn of events, Sheeran posted to his Insta. It’s obviously a pic from the same photoshoot, yet they appear closer…almost spooning.


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10. Photoshop spoon

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So what does all this ’10’ shit mean?

10th of May

Now, rumour has it that a collab of some kind could be hitting airwaves on the 1oth of May. I’m skeptical of this theory because since the Biebs has been off on hiatus for over 2 years, the 10th of May seems a little too soon. If he’s going to hype up a release date, I reckon’ it’s a little further away than the 10th…it just seems too good to be true.

New Song ’10’

People are also speculating that ’10’ could be the title of the new banger. This theory has some merit and if true, doesn’t at all give us an indication of what kind of wait period we could be expecting.

10 Hours

Sorry folks, this one is obviously off the cards. It was an extremely intense 10 hours post-’10-Tweet but unfortunately, we weren’t treated to anything of the sort. Sad but again, if the Biebs is going to hype something, it’s gonna be a longer wait than a day. Patience people, patience.

Famous For 10 Years

People are questioning whether the ’10’ is a reference to the Biebs’ own musical journey. Baby was released all the way back in 2010, meaning he is approaching nearly a decade of fame (but also public loathing, ugh poor Biebs). It’s a feat, yes, but I highly doubt this mysterious ’10’ has anything to do with the Biebs’ career length (Sorry).

10 Tears For Every Day We Don’t Know The Answer

At the end of the day, this ’10’ could really mean anything. We could be waiting a whole ten years for the answer (but hopefully not). I think the most logical explanation for this ’10’ business is that every day I go without knowing the answer, I will cry 10 tears. Whilst I am beside myself that ginger darlin’ Ed and my first ever love are treating us to a collab, I feel lost without a solid date on how long I will have to wait.

Please Biebs, tell us more. We’re all waiting.

Images: @JustinBieber, @teddysphotos.

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