An Italian Mayor Is Getting Drones To Literally Swear At People Who Ignore Coronavirus Warnings

Specifically in his voice.

Everyday I wake up and pray that yesterday was just a fever dream, but no – 2020 is in fact the most absurd year ever, and continues to sound more and more like satire.

In today’s bizarre news, an Italian mayor in Messina, Siciliy is investing in drones to scream at people who don’t follow social isolation rules and ignore coronavirus warnings.

Like, this man is literally going to chase random people on the street while hurling profanities at them.

“I can’t wait for it… drones everywhere,” Mayor Cateno De Luca said in a Facebook video.

He said the voice of the drone will be “my voice that will say as soon as I catch you, ‘where the fuck are you going? Go back home!’. This will be the voice of the drone.”

I gotta say, an Italian mayor yelling profanities at strangers is like, the most Italian thing ever. Even if it’s a bit 1984.

Coronavirus has hit Italy extremely hard in the north, so it makes sense that drastic measures are being taken to avoid the same catastrophic infection levels in the south. Italians have been on lockdown since March 10, with people only allowed out if they need to buy food, medicine, or work.

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