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Andrew Bolt Just Called Sir David Attenborough A Fool For Suggesting Climate Change Is A Big Problem

Oh boy, the concerning thing is that you didn’t read that title wrong. Your favourite Baby Boomer Andrew Bolt has taken it to a new level, throwing daggers at the iconic Sir David Attenborough about his recent speech at the United Nations’ climate conference in Poland.

The iconically fabulous filmmaker and narrator was given a “people’s seat” at the conference – which is essentially a spot reserved for someone representing the people across the world. And during his speech,  Attenborough encouraged the leaders of the world to, shock horror, lead against the threat of climate change, and that set off the alarm bells for old mate Bolt.

Attenborough went onto to mention how time was running out in the battle for climate change, and how “we must catch up sooner rather than later before it is too late.”

Today, in a quite remarkable, but worryingly not surprising rant, Bolt came out in the Herald Sun stating that Attenborough tried his best to sound like an “Old Testament prophet” and that he had made “a fool of himself” with his claims.

“But seriously: is global warming truly a bigger threat than, say, the Black Death that wiped out maybe half Europe’s population? Bigger than the Spanish flu that killed up to 5 per cent of the world’s population in 1918?” Bolt said in his article.

Quite comparable actually.

The World Health Organisation also presented at the conference, saying that literally millions are already dying across the world due to knock on effects of climate change. Think asthma, lung cancer, stroke, heart disease and such – all of those seem pretty credible don’t you think, Andrew?

It’s one thing to be blatantly wrong, it’s another to do it while swiping against Sir Dave.

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