Andrew Lloyd Webber Found A TikTok Phantom Of The WAP-era Remix And, Well, I Am Very Dry Now

The idea of ALW hearing, and appreciating, WAP makes me uncomfortable.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ has had its fair share of remixes since it dropped with that iconic music video. But there are none that have sent quite a shiver down my spine than Andrew Lloyd Webber resharing a ‘Phantom of the WAP-era’ on his TikTok.

Which is why I regret to inform you that TikTok is officially over.

British composer – the man behind the ever-chaotic Cats and, yes, The Phantom of the Opera – shared a video to his TikTok, of him wholeheartedly vibing to the melodramatic WAP remix.

@officialalwPhantom of the WAPera ft. the man himself – TeamALW ##phantom ##cardib ##mashup ##music ##theatre ##remix♬ phantom of the wapera – pescatarian_mama_

On one hand, I love that ALW is having the time of his 72 year old life thanks to ‘WAP’, but I’m also slightly terrified that he’s made his way to (and is 100% thriving on) TikTok.

The internet lost its collective mind over the chaotic clip, with one Twitter user writing our collective response: “ban TikTok immediately”.

It’s weird and kinda wholesome – the thought that ALW (who looks like many an old geezer) listened and kinda vibes to WAP and its many remixes.

Many others were also conflicted because the remix is actually, low-key, kinda of a bop.

The original remix came from the genius of another TikTok user, @pescatarian_mama_.


♬ phantom of the wapera – pescatarian_mama_

So, yeah, Andrew Lloyd Webber dancing (or, at least, attempting) to ‘WAP’ is kind of freaky but the remix actually kinda slaps.

And, tbh, I’m just glad he didn’t actually do the choreo. The guy could’ve really hurt himself (I know I have).

Can’t wait for post-lockdown club nights where all we hear is ‘WAP’ remixes. Ready to bust out the moves I’ve picked up in iso.

Images: TikTok (@andrewlloydwebber), Instagram (@iamcardib)

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