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Another Loser Tried To Body Shame Billie Eilish, And Naturally He’s Getting Roasted For It

Leave Billie Eilish Alone, You Fucking Weirdos

Billie Eilish has dared to leave her house in a tank top, and the men of Twitter are having a meltdown because apparently she doesn’t exist to please their fantasies. Shocking, isn’t it?

According to the bio of the Twitter account responsible, the man behind this cretinous tweet is 29 years old and from the UK.

A 29 year old man felt like it was okay to body-shame an 18 year old girl. That’s male audacity for you.

Naturally, literally everyone else on Twitter is losing their shit, and this guy is getting absolutely dunked on. Can’t say I feel bad for him.

Billie Eilish fans are something else, and so the moral of this Twitter story is to leave Billie Eilish out of your nasty commentary, but I also want to bring attention to this tweet:

Let’s bring this energy for everyone in our lives because the truth is, most young women don’t have the following, fame or fanbase of Billie Eilish and deal with trolling like this silently.

What about the regular women in our lives, and people in general, who get body shamed constantly with no protection? I think we need to remember that calling out body shaming isn’t just reserved for beautiful pop stars that we adore, but also the most marginalised in our lives – even those with bodies and attitudes less palatable to the mainstream.

Body shaming is incredibly pervasive in society, and it’s the reason so many young people, and girls in particular, struggle with self-image issues. With commentary on celeb bodies constant, no matter how beautiful or famous the person in question is, it’s easy to feel inadequate.

Let’s make sure our anti-bullying is genuine, by aiming our commentary at everyone, and not just protecting famous, beautiful young white women.

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