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Apparently JK Rowling Is Transphobic And It’s Cooked

JK Rowling is dodgy AF and I want answers.

JK Rowling has been memed to hell and back with her constant ludicrous updates on the Harry Potter universe that no one asked for, but these days she’s taking more sinister turns. Namely, following a proud transphobe on Twitter (after liking transphobic tweets for ages).

Rowling has been doing dodgy shit for a while now, and it’s time for fans to get their head out of the sand. Honestly? JK Rowling is a shitty person. You don’t have to be a fan of her to be a fan of the books.

I mean, I wish the worst thing she’d done was tell us that wizards used to shit themselves at random, but unfortunately not.

She has also defended domestic abuser Johnny Depp, and made the controversial decision to cast him in the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them series. Like, WTF? At a time where women are dying at exponential rates at the hands of men, it’s pretty cooked. Plus, she follows a fan account for Johnny Depp that is very anti-Amber Heard.

Then there’s all the queer-baiting with Dumbledore that started the memes in the first place. It’s not lost on us that she only decided to say Dumbledore was gay when gay rights were starting to come into the limelight. And for those of you who still doubt it was a PR stunt, then ask yourselves this – why has she decided not to include his sexuality in the new movies? Especially since she keeps reinforcing how intense his relationship was.

But, despite that, we’ve still tried to support JK Rowling. We want LGBTQ+ representation in Harry Potter, and so fan response was overwhelmingly positive for the revelation surrounding Dumbledore’s sexuality. At this point, I don’t care what JK Rowling will or won’t show us. Dumbledaddy is gay and that’s that. Let the kids have him.

Harry Potter has a huge LGBTQ+ fan base, for heaps of reasons. One, many kids love Harry Potter purely for the magic and escapism of it all. However, a large part of it’s popularity is that many people identify with the struggle of an underdog against a giant evil. I mean, the race politics of muggle-borns and pure-bloods is enough to make most kids of any marginalised group relate. Particularly, it is easy as an LGBTQ+ member to feel comforted by and relate to a story in which a group of people is ostracised unjustly from society just for being who they are.

And so, it’s totally fair that people are disgusted and furious at JK Rowling’s recent Twitter activity.

Mainly, that she just followed notorious transphobe Magdalen Burns.

Magdalen Burns is one of the worst of the worst – she actively and proudly campaigns against transwomen and spreads grossly violent and radical ideologies surrounding transwomen. She’s a well known TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), and TBH it’s just gross.

JK has also liked heaps of transphobic tweets in the past. The first time this happened, her PR said it was just a “middle-aged moment” where she accidentally liked a tweet because of the way she held her phone. Hmm, okay. Even if that was true, how do you explain the rest of the transphobic tweets she’s liked, and now that she’s followed an actual transphobe?

In case you wanted to see one of the transphobic things she’s liked on Twitter, here’s one: a tweet about transwomen being “foxes in a hen house.” She’s also liked tweets about transwomen being rapists, and about transwomen taking attention away from straight female oppression. The ignorance and bigotry is extreme and straight up disgusting.

JK Rowling follows less than 700 people on Twitter, but has over 14 million followers. She chooses who’s content she wants to see on her Twitter feed, and she chose a raging transphobe after liking grossly transphobic tweets for months. It’s pretty safe to say that she’s transphobic, or atleast that she’s sympathising with and locking arms up with transphobes, which TBH is probably the same thing.

JK Rowling needs to be cancelled ASAP, because we don’t have time for someone that actively demonises our trans sisters and legitimises the bullshit-spouting hate rhetoric of Berns. This is some Voldemort level shit and we aren’t having it.

Harry Potter wouldn’t want this and we’re very disappointed.

Image Sources: JK Rowling Facebook, Warner Bros, Twitter @MagdalenBerns, @VictoriaPeckham, @Transadvocate, GIPHY

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