Apparently You All Need To Be Taught Not To Flush Unflushable Shit Down The Toilet

You detty, DETTY people

A word of warning, there are some seriously graphic images here.

Apparently, no one got the memo when they were a kid not to flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet because sewer networks are not coping.

Toilet paper panic-buying has led to an inevitable shortage which, in turn, has led people to desperate measures. Australians have been using paper towel, newspaper, and some old clothes (ok wtAF) as bog roll. And that’ll just about do me.

Plumbers and water utilities have reported a huge increase in non-flushable products blocking up sewer systems. And the pictures are seriously not pretty.

Another word of warning, proceed with caution.

I’m Not Kidding, It’s Gnarly.

Workers in Queensland have pulled a seven-metre fatberg from a sewer. Seven. That’s huge.

A fatberg, for those unfamiliar, are huge clusters of fabric bonded with oil or fat that form from debris flushed (or otherwise winding up) in sewerage systems. They’re expensive to remove. And they’re absolutely horrifying, disgusting, monstrosities.

For years, wet wipes have been a problem to their ability to clog and form fatbergs, but now that toilet paper has been missing from supermarket shelves for weeks, people are getting creative. And it’s wreaking havoc on the sweet systems.

Rhett Duncan from south-east Queensland’s Unitywater told ABC News crews were finding all sorts of things in the pipes. Things that definitely don’t belong.

“We’ve heard people are using all sorts of things in these desperate times – old clothes is one of those, newspapers, and wet wipes and paper towel,” he said.

Dear GOD.

The cost of clearing the blockages can run into the millions for some regions, and in the last month, there has been a rapid increase. Some Brisbane plumbers are going to 20 home blockages a week, up from an average of seven. And residents are forking out thousands to fix it.

Holy shit.

And Australians aren’t the only ones dealing with these “poonami’s” (yuck). Ireland and some states in America are reporting an increase in clogs. So the whole world is full of detty, detty people.

Let’s stop flushing wet wipes. And newspapers. And paper towel. And clothes (why would you do this?!)

The only things you should be flushing are things that have always belonged in the loo.

Image Sources: Giphy (Netflix), Facebook (SA Water)

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