Apple, Gates, Musk, Bezos, And More Have Had Their Twitter Accounts Hacked By A Bitcoin Scam

Even the Twitter support account is down.

In breaking news today, Twitter profiles of some of the richest and most high-profile people in the world have been hacked by a Bitcoin scam.

When I mean high profile, I’m talking the likes of Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Apple, Elon Musk, Obama, Uber and more.

Even the official Twitter support account has been hacked, in what many Twitter users are finding a hilarious turn of events.

It seems that all the hacked accounts are verified, and now there are reports that all verified Twitter accounts have been temporarily blocked from posting.

The posts from hacked accounts are all variations of the same thing: a basic message stating that the person is feeling grateful and wants to give back to their community, and so they will double any bitcoin payments they receive to a certain link.

Unsurprisingly, many people actually paid the hacked accounts in bitcoin. Sigh. You’d think seeing Jeff Bezos offer to give back to his community would be enough to alert anyone to a scam, but apparently not.

Of course, people are meme-ing the shit out of this development, because let’s be real, it’s pretty funny to watch the rich and powerful get absolutely dunked on by a bunch of bitcoin hackers.

Others reckon there’s something far more sinister to it. Perhaps they’re right – I mean, surely someone who’s smart enough to hack into all these A-List celebrity accounts would be asking for more than just bitcoin, right?

Some users are speculating whether this hack was an inside job or if a Twitter staff member’s account was compromised because of how quickly the accounts were all hacked.

I guess we’ll see, but for now there’s not much information out – just that Twitter is working on it.

Image Sources: Twitter

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