Archie Rose Are Releasing A Triple Threat Spirit Set Just In Time For Christmas

If you’re in the same dilemma as me, you’ll be suffering from what I call lack-of-present-ideas. Lame, I know. But this is a SERIOUS condition come Christmas time. Made evident by a sudden realisation of all the extended family members and friends you forgot about. Well, my good friends, have I got news for you! For those on your list that’ll be receiving gifts, Archie Rose is launching a triple set of spirits, just in time for you to treat said lucky pals (or yourself).

The good thing about this beauty is that whether your friend is a hard-to-please(-r) they’ve got three 200mL award-winning spirits to choose from; vodka, gin and white rye.

These cute little babies will be released 29th November, but for now you can pre-order them here. Happy drinking, pals!

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Margot (yes, like Margot Robbie, no not quite Margot Robbie) is a canine-loving, food-obsessed gal who will always volunteer to taste-test cocktails when serving behind the bar.

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