Ariana Grande’s Makin’ More Dough Off That Pony And The Memes Are A Lol

She doesn’t look a day over thirteen and yet Ariana Grande is banking in the dollar bills like no other tiny human has done before. With a pony tail sizeable to her entire body length two times over, half of Grande’s selling point is her hair. Whatever form it takes; pony or half-up, she’s made half a career on it. And as of today, it doesn’t look like Ariana Grande’s hair-po will be slowing up anytime soon.

Givenchy teased fans with a silhouette of their newest brand ambassador yesterday. There really wasn’t any guessing who it was because you can spot the hair-do from half a world away. So, unsurprisingly, Givenchy’s newest icon is hair-spo herself, Grande.

Sorry Grande, but the best thing to come of this new collab are the memes.

And my personal fave…

But seriously, don’t disrespect Patrick like that.

Sources: @Givenchy, @Arisosuccessful, @Yosh1Kart, @likeitsyours, @Agustdif, Ariana Grande Facebook. 

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