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Artists Reppin’ New Wave Hip-Hop In Oz

Right now, the hip-hop scene is experiencing real change as new rappers shake up our understanding of the genre. You’ve got the likes of Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti (plus so many more) paving the way for a new sound despite how fresh they are on the scene. This is exciting stuff and for once Australia is not behind on this movement; the following artists are making waves in this space and giving an Aussie spin on the genre.

#1 Swiftboi

SwiftBoi is a movement, and if you’re not ready, you’ll be left behind. Her raw, no punches held approach to rap is a refreshing sense of confidence. SwiftBoi might be familiar to you already as she was spun by Triple J earlier this year. Check out Bad Guy for a real banger that samples the great Tony Montana from the classic Scarface.

#2 Seup

Perth based MC Seup plays a mean game with slick flow and strong lyricism. One moment you hit with deep grime inspired delivery the next, Seup indulges in the vocal styling typically seen in the soul scene – it’s a bold mix of two strong genres. With all his stuff conveniently housed on SoundCloud, you’ll want to start with Tinder the collab track with 506.

#3 Johnny (From The Burbs)

Damn. Johnny (From The Burbs) is a real contender in the rap game; his tunes deliver a refined talent that isn’t seen by many at his level. Johnny blends lo-fi beats with a trap-like flow that works remarkably well together. Check out BASTARD to see what we mean, and then drop this banger into your weekend playlist.


Representing the SoundCloud rapper movement BARTXL delivers with witty flow that’ll make him a good asset in any throwdown. Lyrically, you’ll be taken to places you wouldn’t even think of such as “getting lit like Karl Stefanovic” to be real though, Karl is one lit dude. Look, check BARTXL for yourself. ALLWHITE (Feat Samuel Barrie x Kidd Cloud) is a great place to start.

#5 Needham

Needham has been kicking around for a few years now with some tight tracks under his belt. His hard-hitting delivery demands your attention as he expresses what drive and determination can get you in this space. His freshest track Rollin’ is real hype with tight beats that’ll get you bouncin’.

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