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Ash Ketchum Has Just Reached His Destiny And Won A Pokémon League

Pika Pika!!

All he wanted was to be the very best. Like no one ever was. And he’s finally done it.

Ash Ketchum has finally won a Pokémon League.

After 22 years traveling across the land, searching far and wide, catching ’em all and falling short of the championship to stronger trainers, he’s finally reached his Pokémon Master destiny.

In the latest episode of ‘Sun & Moon’, the anime’s sixth series, the forever-10-year-old trainer won the Alola region Pokémon League to claim his dream.

And the internet couldn’t be happier for him.

And if you don’t get why this is such a big deal, Twitter has compared it to other sporting events to explain.

When the episode aired in Japan on the weekend, fans watched as Ash triumphed over Gladion to become the inaugural winner of the Alola Region Pokémon League. It’s been a long time coming for the trainer who has only won two major competitions (Orange Islands League and Battle Frontier) and faced League defeat after crushing League defeat since his debut in 1997. And no, Orange Islands doesn’t count.

So yeah, fans are freaking out.

I’m not crying, you are. Pika, pika.

I don’t think Twitter has ever been more wholesome.

Longtime Pokémon director and composer Junichi Masuda weighed in.

And his original voice actor, Veronica Taylor (who voiced eight seasons fo the western dub) has congratulated him (herself? himself? themself?)

My heart is exploding. I can only imagine what this is like for a die-hard fan.

Who knows what’s next for Ash Ketchum: Pokémon Master. But perhaps, now that he’s accomplished his dreams, his story might be coming to an end. But he’s only 10, so surely there’s plenty more to come.

Whatever happens, it shows you can and will reach your dreams, no matter how long it takes. And you’ll get there with a little help from your best friends.

Pika, Pika, Ash! (I hope that translates to congrats)

Image Sources: Twitter (B/R Gaming @BRGaming)

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