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5 Best Aussie Comedians To See At Melbourne Comedy Festival This Year

It’s on of the best times of the year, ah the Melbourne Comedy Fest, how we love you so. So whether you’re a local, or heading down for some grade A banter and laughs, we’ve hand picked our fave five Aussie comedians worth admission.

#1 Rosie Waterland

This woman is comedy gold. She pretty much became my woman crush and idol from her sassy ‘Rosie’s Recaps’ of the Bachelor series. Rosie and her mum, Lisa are set to take the stage together to discuss the nitty gritty details of her book (The Anti-Cool Girl) and the memoirs retold from Rosie’s point of view. This is where the fun starts. Mama Lisa, a recovering addict, believes that her daughter’s angle is a complete sack of BS. I froth over fam #drama that isn’t my own. Despite the differing and brutal opinions of a life once lived, crowds are raving about the humour shown between the two.

#2 Alice Fraser

She’s delving into artificial intelligence and the intricacies of what it means to be human (hell yes.) The last time I heard someone talk about this, it made me feel like my head was floating around in a mass of trippy thoughts. She’ll be trying to explain the world’s antics and contradictions to a new artificial mind. So, definitely book your tickets to see this one.

#3 Alex Williamson

If you’re twisted like me, I strongly suggest taking your cheeriest and most optimistic friend along to experience one of Alex’s comedy shows. He’s known for his warped and often twisted stance on life. It’ll be enough to crack the rose-coloured glasses you (or your airy-fairy friend) have placed delicately on your noggin.

#4 Neel Kolhatkar

Admittedly, I know Neel from his video content on Facebook, more than I do his comedy acts. But if his live shows are even half as funny as his impersonations and facial expressions portrayed on the screen, then you’re in for a bloody good time. Those who see his shows are known to leave winded from laughing so much, but just think about the abs you’ll get.

#5 Emily Tresidder

If you’re into sharp and witty banter, then ding-ding, you have yourself a winner. Let’s face it, you’ll probably fall in love with her (pretty and funny? That’s ‘whole package’ type stuff.) She’ll delve into the art of pettiness and chat about life’s daily hang ups that we all seem to face. Emily was picked as one of the 20 Hottest Picks of Melb’s comedy festival last year, so prepare yourself for some quality laughs, enough to make your eyes water. Ladies, pack waterproof mascara.

Image source: RosieWaterland.com, The Music, Beat Magazine

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