Aussies Are Donating Thousands To GoFundMe Pages For International Students And It’s Wholesome AF

We love to see it.

Coronavirus is causing a lot of destruction and chaos for everyone, and things are expected to remain like this for a while. Some of the worst hit by this crisis are international students, who aren’t under the government’s duty of care despite injecting billions into the Australian economy ever year.

Unlike Aussie workers, international students aren’t entitled to any Centrelink or government payment schemes during the pandemic. Considering that heaps of international students rely on casual jobs which they’ve now lost to pay their rent, it’s a scary time.

On top of all that, they’re away from their families – isolating is harder on people who are alone.

Aussies Are Donating Heaps To Coronavirus Support And We Love To See It

The great thing though is that everyday Aussies are rising to the occasion, even if the government isn’t. Much like the bushfire crisis, people are helping out and sending dollars to those in need, despite struggling themselves in a wholesome show of solidarity. We love to see it.

GoFundMe reported that Aussies have donated every second minute since March – a wonderful display of togetherness during isolation. It’s great to remember that no matter how shit things are getting, we have each other.

Check out these GoFundMe campaigns for international students that are getting traction right here in Aus – and if you’ve got the means, chuck in a dollar or two to help our mates.

COVID-19 Fundraiser for International Students

There is over $17,000 raised in this campaign for immediate relief to help Nepalese students in Australia who’ve lost their jobs. There are legit one-off donations from people of $1000-$1500! My heart is so full RN. Here’s the link.

Support International Lebanese Students Australia

This campaign has over $2k raised to help cover the immediate needs of Lebanese students struggling to cover their essential needs. You can donate here.

Feed-A-Student Program

The Association of Pinoy Students in Australia has raised nearly $2k for its Adopt-A-Student Program to provide grocery pack to Filipino students. Also, just the term “Adopt-A-Student” is cute AF, and I love that people are taking it seriously and genuinely trying to help out. Adopt a student here.

Cairns Indian Association International Student Relief –

This campaign has so far only got $1k in its bank raised for by the Cairns Indian Association for grocery vouchers, care packs and small jobs to help students stay afloat. If you’ve got some dollars to spare, chuck em in! Or share this article so the page gets the exposure it needs.


This is a Sydney-based international student support organisation that’s helping shout meals for students currently doing it rough. And trust me, the rent prices in Sydney mean people are absolutely doing it rough. This GoFundMe hasn’t hit the $1k mark yet, so let’s help our buddies out!

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