Turns Out The Australian Made Logo Isn’t Re-Branding To A Gold Coronavirus Nightmare

The kangaroo stays!

In the latest meme-worthy news for your week, a new “Australian Made” logo has been suggested. We all know the classic kangaroo logo on our Australian produce and products, yeah? Well a number of confusing reports this morning lead a lot of people to believe that the kangaroo was being replaced for something new.

And that’s not entirely wrong, I guess.

The newly suggested logo is of an abstract golden wattle, representing the national flower of Australia. In all honesty, I’m not a fan of it. But a lot of people have noticed something kinda off about it too, especially given the current global issues.

Australian Made Logo: Wattle Or Coronavirus?

I can’t believe they have changed the Australian made logo to look like this, it looks like a virus. I will be writing to the Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council & Trade Minister @Birmo to reinstate the Kangaroo!

— Mark Coure MP (@markcourelive) June 30, 2020

Yep, a lot of people reckon it looks like coronavirus. How did the design team miss that! I don’t think abstract was the way to go with this one guys…

The Trade Minister, Simon Birmingham, accepted the new design after Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council put forward the rebrand. They argued that while the kangaroo logo is internationally recognised, it doesn’t represent Australia’s abilities in technology and education.

The Morrison Government wasn’t happy about this rebrand though, with Birmingham saying that the Government was “100 per cent committed to the Australian Made Kangaroo”. It was the previous Turnbull Government that set up the Brand Advisory Council, and they decided it was necessary to spend $10m on this rebrand. I’m sorry, what???

The Kangaroo Stays, Fam

In a Facebook post today by the Australian Made Campaign, they’ve announced that the beloved kangaroo logo isn’t going anywhere. YESSSSSS!

Initially, the Council didn’t want the kangaroo because they argued that it reinforced what foreign countries already know about Australia. And they instead wanted to promote Australia’s technological and educational advancements through the new logo that would represent brands.

However, with this post, they acknowledge its ability to be instantly recognised, which is what we want when it comes to branding Australian products.

It has also been announced that while the much loved kangaroo will be sticking around, it will only be used to highlight locally made products. The new abstract wattle logo/coronavirus nightmare will replace the existing Australia Unlimited logo – two boomerangs that kinda look like they’re creating the outline of Australia.

The new logo will mainly be used to represent Australia during trade and business exchange programs, rather than being used on Australian produce and products. So I guess it’s mostly good news then? We’ll still have our kangaroo (because apparently that matters to a lot of Aussies), but we’ll also have the strange abstract wattle too.

Twitter Has The Best Reacts

Honestly, now that I’ve seen the logo as coronavirus, I can’t see it as anything else. And knowing that that’s what cost taxpayers $10m, the design is even more confusing. And a lot of other people seem to feel the same. Twitter has gone off with people complaining about the new logo.

There is nothing wrong with the current Australian Made logo. It’s clear, it’s instantly recognisable and is synonymous with Australian products through years of promotion. The new logo says nothing.

— Emmee (@blueemmee) July 1, 2020

New Australian Made logo and COVID19… wtf were they thinking???

— LordOfTheTweeterSphere (@FarkThatMate) July 1, 2020

LOL… AWESOME! Our new “Australian Made” logo looks like the coronavirus…that NOBODY wants to have. Bad timing or idiotic design move?

— Jo (@Jo09614621) July 1, 2020

Have you seen the dud new Australian made logo? The kangaroo is out and a wattle spray is the new logo. It looks bizarre!
Another Turnbull initiated failure :face_with_rolling_eyes:

— Justlooking (@Justloo85230955) July 1, 2020

Example no. 298,974 of the govt wasting our money. We have to fork out $10m to change the iconic Kangaroo from the ‘Australian Made’ trade logo – to a ridiculous gold abstract wattle.

— Catherine (@catherine___c) June 30, 2020

Can we please revert to the old logo ASAP? Cause the new #australianmade logo looks like #COVID19 #auspol

— Douglas Stuart-Brookes (@dougbrookes1) July 1, 2020

Image Source: Facebook (Australian Made Campaign), Twitter (Mark Court MP @markcourelive)

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