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Australia’s 5 Sickest Escape Rooms Worth Travelling For

Lock me in! Literally.

It’s kind of weird to think how enjoyable paying to be locked up in a room and forced to find your way out, really is. Every escape room I’ve ever been to has temporarily torn apart my family and friend groups and revealed sides of my loved ones I didn’t even know they had. AHH, the satisfaction in seeing your grown-ass best friend chuck a tantrum because they can’t find a clue-bearing envelope. Escape rooms are a serious test of strength and endurance but they are SO much fun. We’ve put in the hard yards for you and narrowed it down to the top five worth visiting. Thank us later.

#1 The One, Melbourne

At The One you can fulfil your deepest, darkest escape room desires. You can unravel the Ancient mystery of Thebes in the Egyptian room and you can defeat the evil fire god in an Oriental martial arts room. OR you can complete tasks assigned by a kidnapper and save a hostage. You know, just typical Saturday night activities. Most excitingly for fellow crazy people who love to be scared, you can now battle your way through an abandoned hospital, riddled with jump scares, in The One’s new ‘Green Hospital’ room. For people who are seriously serious about their escape rooms, The One is simply the best of the best. And, it will only cost you $39-$59/pp.

#2 Quest Room, Brisbane

Quest Room has got three awesome rooms to escape from but are most famous for their 18+ only room, loosely based on the Saw franchise. In their ‘Escape the Jigsaw’ room you have been captured by a maniac named Jigsaw and must find your way out of his game, or die. Yes, this place LITERALLY makes your childhood nightmares come true. Shut up and take my $35-$42.50/pp!

#3 TRAPT, Melbourne


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What’s better than an inner city escape room? An inner city escape room with a cocktail bar. At TRAPT you can fight your way out of five different escape rooms, with the added motivation of relaxing with a cocktail specifically tailored to match your escape room, at the end. From a Wizard of Oz themed room to two alchemy rooms, this place has it all.  In one room you must escape from a collapsed coal mine. Bartenders suggest you pair this experience with an Emerald & Col’d Fashioned. Cheese and wine pairings, you’re officially cancelled! You can simultaneously get puzzled and plastered at this basement escape room for $34-$40/pp.

#4 PanIQ Room, Sydney


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Have you ever dreamt of being left alone in a jail cell, handcuffed and blindfolded with smoke? Well, you should have, because at Paniq Room you can experience that firsthand and fight your way out in under an hour. Paniq Room also separates the men from the boys in 11 locations in the US and 3 in Europe, so you could say it’s pretty world class. You can live your own Shawshank Redemption moment here for only $35-$44/pp.


ParaPark, Sydney

According to their website, ParaPark is Sydney’s OG escape room. AND, their rooms are paranormal and crime themed. YES please! There are two rooms to choose from, in one your mission involves freeing spirits from an old abandoned building, and in the other you are tasked with solving a cold-case case murder; finding the murderer, the victim and piecing together what happened. Escaping from ParaPark will cost you between $37-$50/pp.

After battling your way out of these rooms you will be OVER prepared for any apocalyptic challenge the universe throws at us.

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