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Australia’s Most Incred Waterfalls Worth Chasing

So TLC might have told us not to do so, but let’s be real, this country has some of the most incredible waterfalls in the world. It would be a dishonour to this great nation if we didn’t take advantage and go chasing for some of the most breathtaking and lush waterfalls in Australia. So rather than searching through bushland or trolling Tripadvisor, we have compiled a list of the best waterfalls in Australia that deserve your attention.

Minnehaha Falls – NSW

In the heart of the Blue Mountains you will find a waterfall so grand that you’ll think, how can I swim in that. Well first of all the good news is that you can, secondly it’s the reward at the end of a long hike to the final destination. But boy that hike it worth all the blood, sweat and tears. There are flat rocks located on both sides of the bottom pool, making it the perfect picnic spot post swim.

Hopetoun Falls – Victoria

Soak up the spray as the Hopetoun Falls plummet 30 metres into the Aire River. The location is pure serenity, sitting in the depths of the Otway National Park. It might not be the perfect swim spot, but definitely worth hiking to for the incred Insta shots that the waterfall provides.

Waterfall Gully – SA

Unfortunately the dry state of South Australia means that full flowing waterfalls are hard to find. The reason this beauty is on the list is cause the hikes around the waterfall allow you to see the panoramic views over the Adelaide skyline. Swimming isn’t permitted but do try to navigate the rocks to at least sneak in a little dip of the toes.

Cedar Creek Falls – Queensland

You’ve gotta put the fan favourite on the list, otherwise what’s the point? Cedar Creek Falls located at Tamborine Mountain is a must visit. Admire the cascades and rock pools from the spectacular lookouts. Or you can take the staircase down to the swimming hole and get amongst it. The perfect location for an adventure seeker on a hot day.

Horizontal Falls – WA

So this one isn’t quite a waterfall but it’s name says otherwise so it gets a mention. It’s one of the world’s most amazing natural phenomenons. You can either watch the waterfall from a far or get up close an personal with a boat tour. Definitely something to chuck on the bucket list.

Image Sources: Visit Melbourne, Island Getaway, Olive and Clo.

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