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Avengers: Endgame Is Here And So Is Chris Hemsworth In A Blue Paisley Suit

Well now that I have your attention, I can only assume that you too are unhealthily obsessed with blue paisley suits. It’s kind of a left-field obsession of mine but since you’re here, I feel relieved that we’re in this together. Anyway, the wait is officially over…

You peasants haven’t yet seen it, but a selected few have. In light of the official premiere of the most hype flick of the goddamn century, I am taking it upon myself to rally the troops for a little Avengers appreciation party. The launch was a whole red carpet to-do, featuring a spectacular gathering of Earth’s finest specimens.

They’re each blessed with a kind of genetic greatness we only see very few times in a generation. Among them, we have a kind of genetic miracle that can only be described as a package of Marvel-ous proportions. It is… Chris Hemsworth in… wait for it…

blue. freakin.’ paisley. suit.

I cannot, and frankly will not, contain my excitement over this get-up. This is the kind of genetic rarity, paired with creative ingenuity, that keeps me awake at night. It enriches my soul.

Can we also appreciate, just for one drool-inducing moment, a specific point of interest that draws this ensemble into one unstoppable masterpiece?

Jury is still out on whether they’re genuine but one thing remains unquestioned: this guy is a vision and I have never seen a finer blue-paisley-piece-of-heaven in my goddamn life.

Thank you for joining me in this Avengers Appreciation Party. I am done drooling, now and will return to my Wednesday just a little more invigorated. I appreciate you taking the time to read about my explicit thirst over this blue paisley suit. What a Marvel-ous start to my day this has been.

Image Source: @chrishemsworth, Giphy. 

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