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How To Avoid Simple Hidden Travel Dangers

Unfortunately, escaping the Australian winter and seeking the European sun does have its downsides. Heading off on an overseas adventure is laced with hidden dangers and challenges that even the most well prepared travellers can encounter. And for poor youngsters booking last minute, spontaneity can often result in things like lost luggage and poor accommodation choices. Our mates over at Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance have done some rallying up of traveller information. They have revealed that over 5000 travel claims were made during the months of July and August 2015 and 2016. Some of the top European locations such as Greece, Italy and Germany are to blame for petty crime, lost luggage and theft. So, to avoid getting caught up in the holiday stress, here are some tips on how to avoid those hidden dangers.

Petty Crime Is Common

If you’re travelling to big cities whether it be Los Angeles or Bangkok, prepare yourself for street thieves. You’re most at risk when you’re out and about Instagramming the main sites and having a blast. Don’t let paranoia get the best of you, just be smart. Be sure to carry a secure, zipped bag (preferably in the front of the body). In Spain, 70 per cent of paid claims for belongings were due to theft, so a trendy fanny pack could be your saviour.

Be Water Smart

Coming from the land down under means you’re well prepared for what a day at the beach entails. However, on home shores, if something goes wrong Bondi Rescue is waiting to help you. When engaging in water activities overseas, understand that not all luxurious beaches have eye easy lifeguards on duty. Greece is known for their sailing activities, but not as much for their abundant first aid facilities. Be sure to swim where the locals are and be cautious of the currents.

Understand The Transport Systems

Head to a city like London and you will be hit (hopefully not) by public transport systems galore. Buses, trams and of course the famous London Underground. These transport hubs channel thousands of people of foot traffic a day, so be prepared for the people, the escalators and hopping on an off. You don’t want the hustle and bustle to get the best of you.

Plan In Between Travel

If you’ve planned a three-month getaway through South America, be sure to notify your travel insurance of your internal days of travel. Whether it is by plane, boat or cheap train, check for cancelled or delayed transport connections. No one wants to miss a flight (and cop the hefty fees that follow), so be sure to note down any such incidents. Your travel insurance will be likely to cover your back, or help you find alternative routes of travel.

Put You’re Safety First

For many, their inner travel bug is beaming when they head abroad. The adventurous types are ready to get extreme, whether it be quad biking, paragliding or skydiving, be sure any activity you sign up for is licensed. Don’t suck yourself into some non-certified parasailing company, next thing you know you might be left with broken legs and no one to help you and no travel insurance to cover you. Research any activities you plan on undertaking and notify your insurance of any accidents you incur.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll be sure to make your next trip to Europe an absolute breeze.

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