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The Bachelorette Is Back In All It’s Juicy Glory, And Here’s All The Tea From Week One

Idk how #prayfornoosa isn’t trending on Twitter rn.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to bust out the microwavable popcorn. Osher is back with a bunch of new dudes and our fab new Bachelorette Angie. Cancel your Wednesday and Thursday night plans coz you’re not going to want to miss this.

We’re only two eps in but honestly, we’ve been served a whole season of drama already. And it’s amazing. The spiciest happening so far is undoubtedly just every disgusting thing that Jess has said or done and Queen Angie kicking his misogynistic ass out of the mansion. Turns out he’s a councillor for Noosa and he is in some serious hot water with the mayor. Also he didn’t know who Osher was. WTF.

RIP Noosa, we know the rest of you guys are real ones.

Wazza Didn’t Last Long Either

In one ep we managed to lose two dudes without a rose ceremony and honestly, good riddance. The other guy to go had a hissy fit because he didn’t like being dressed up as a chicken for the photo shoot, but has ‘Wazza’ tattooed on his back? Righto Warwick, sound logic there.

Who Doesn’t Love Dressing Up?

Meanwhile Timm copped a lobster costume like a champ and pulls off eyeliner better than I do. He’s also just a great bloke.

And There Have Already Been Tears

Jamie’s approach to love has also been a lil questionable – he seems to get real jelly of any other man who’s within two feet of Angie. Probably including Osher tbh. He puts Emma from the Bachelor to shame.

Bachie Doppelgängers Are A Thing

Twitter was also quick to point out the likeness of Ciarran to some of our fave characters from the big screen:

But a man who chooses tea over booze is a keeper for sure.

Idk about you, but I know where I’ll be next Wednesday at 7.30pm sipping wine in my ugg boots.

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