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9 Ridiculously Relatable Tweets About Your First Day Back At Work For Max Feels

Well, the holiday season is well and truly over and the daily grind is back. Whether you slaved through Christmas in retail or hospo, or you’ve just headed back to the office, reentering work after a blissful time of stuffing your face and days at the beach is a terrible and daunting reality. At the very least, we can all take solace in the fact that everyone is feeling the same way.

So gather ’round and bask in our sadness together with these #relatable tweets. Because in the biblical words of Blink 182, work sucks, I know.

6am Rolls Around And You’re Suddenly Hit By A Wall Of Sound

Waking Up And Having To Take A Moment To Remember

Really Considering Your Options Before You Make Any Rash Decisions

Like getting up, or putting on pants.

Getting In and Susan Comes At You With The Hot Topics

Thanks, Susan.

Logging In For The First Time In 2 Weeks Like

Experiencing Every Stage Of Grief Throughout Your Day

When You’ve Been There For 10 Years But It’s Still Only 11:30am

Reaching The End Of The Day And Trying To Give Yourself Positive Self Talk

When 5pm Hits And You’re Finally Heading Home

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