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Backstreet Boys Are Coming To Oz, But It’s Going To Cost You All Your Savings To See Them

Quit playing games with my wallet.

Backstreet is most certainly bloody back. If you’ve missed the news this morning, your fave 90s heartthrobs Nick, Howie, Brian, Kevin and AJ are swooning down to Australia for a huge national tour. The five-piece (who’ve been actually making continuous music since we all thought they stopped in the early naughties) are doing shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane in May 2020; cue internal larger than life screaming.

Well. Like half screams of excitement, and half due to just bloody how expensive the tour is going to be.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news peeps, but the CHEAPEST, nose bleed tickets start from a cold $101.75 (without including any BS service or transaction fees). So you’re probably looking at what $110-$120 total?

We did some digging after the tour dates were released on their official website, and after sneaking into Ticketek, we found some pretty insane tickets. I mean feedback on the DNA tour (that’s started in the States) suggests some pretty big production. And we’re sure there will be big support acts, as opposed to a Triple J Unearthed act (as much as we’d actually love that tbh). But as you’ll see below, you better start saving right now.

And, if you want to be standing as close as possible to the stage, you’ll be paying a scary $500 to catch a glimpse of an act who (let’s be real here) were huge some 15-20 years ago.

I mean of course; they’re super popular, everyone has drunkenly belted out Backstreet’s Back at a wedding, and they have a huge following. But this is a pretty crazy investment. I honestly doubt the biggest/most popular musical acts worldwide would cost more than this (talking Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Drake etc). And at the time of writing, you can’t even see the above price breakdown anymore (in fact A Reserve seating has gone up to over $300!!!?!?!?!!).

Look we’re a bit shook over here, and may have to stick to re-runs of their classics at dirty bars and clubs, but alas we keep our fingers crossed for the bumper sales closer to the event.

And meanwhile, it the price definitely rules ya out, you can check out the FULL show in surprisingly good quality below. Uploaded by aa no-doubt very committed American during a recent show in Indianapolis.

Image Source: Backstreet Boys Facebook

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