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How To Balance Your Relationship With Work

Being in a relationship and an exciting, decently paying job can often be a challenge on their own. So add those tiem consumers together, and well, it can be a tough little balancing act at the best of times.

There are actually heaps of ways to increase productivity at work, but when you throw a relationship into the mix, things can become complicated and the stressful vibes kick in. Whether you have to tackle a thousand unanswered emails, do a tonne of shift work or a dreaded final assessment, it leaves little time to bond with your partner. A turmeric latte isn’t enough to get you through the emotional toils of cancelling dinner for a mountain of boring, hard work. Luckily, there are a few ways to help prioritise your time so you can juggle like a boss.

Become Whiteboard Wizards

Go ‘old-school’ and get a whiteboard to create a joint weekly schedule. It’s an inexpensive date idea that gives you a break from a bright computer screen. Get creative with it. Write a quote at the top of the board that’s significant to both of you and colour-code like crazy. Zazzle have a great range of funky whiteboards to get you started. If you live together, keep it in the bedroom as an immediate visual reminder. Live apart? No worries! Get two boards so you can each take one home. Any updates can be done with a simple wipe.

Try a New Group Activity Together

Sometimes you need a bit of encouragement when you take on a new activity. Why not invite your lover along? There are some dynamic Meetup groups that cover everything from bushwalking to knitting (don’t hate till you try it), saving you some serious dough and possibly creating some of the most hilarious memories together. You’ll also get to work on your communication skills and make new friends in a group environment.


Listen, stop judging us because you know it to be true. It’s going to be likely that some weeks you wont be able to get together as much as you’d like (especially if you’re both living at home.) In that case, send them a steamy text (Or Snap..) to get them hot under the collar. When you’re both busy and need a time-out, let them know what little scenario is running through your mind and add a couple of emoji’s for full effect. Not your style? That’s cool. Keep it G-rated and send something from the ‘animals and nature’ section. A quick message lets them know you’re thinking of them, which promotes a positive mood.

On The Other Hand..

If you’re spending too much time together, firstly, be thankful you’ve got that much free time because it doesn’t happen often. Then, it’s safe to admit you’re both annoying the hell out of each other. Before sh*t hits the fan, try meditating or going for a run to clear your head, allowing some alone time. That way, all the built-up tension can process healthily and you’ll both be able to get back on track.

Oh and cuddles. Lots of cuddles. They release endorphins that bring you closer together. Literally (as if you needed an excuse anyways.)

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