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The Beginner’s Guide To Acquiring Festival Tickets

Fighting for tickets you so desperately want is probably one of the most stressful things our young hearts handle. What makes acquiring tickets even more hectic, is if you’ve never done it before. Not knowing how to go about any of it is actually the worst. But alas, there are ways to master it all before the ticket release date (potential doomsday) arrives.

Open The Ticket Page Early

For the love of God, heed this warning; you will not get tickets if you sign in 2 minutes before nine o’clock. That’s not a thing. If you do this and actually manage to get tickets then you obviously have the best luck possible, and it’s guaranteed you’ll be loathed by many. But let’s not test that theory, kapeesh? You also have to refresh the page before it hits sale time. Sometimes the site has a hissy fit and doesn’t automatically clock over into the sale and put you in a queue. Learned that the damn hard way.

Do Not Refresh The Page Once In The Greenroom

Your sole goal is getting to the greenroom unscathed, with your sanity intact and with as little tears as possible. Before you hit the greenroom, the site will try its very best to compete with everyone on the site to get you into said greenroom. Once you’re blessed with the little message saying to be patient while in the room, do not refresh the page. If you do, lawd help ya, you’ll be screaming. The queue will refresh and with it, your precious spot in the line. You’ll just end up shedding real tears, so keep your nervous, shaky phalanges away from the computer buttons until they say so, okay? Also PSA: once you’re allowed to make the sale, it doesn’t mean you can take your time. Move it or lose it, literally.

You Need Good Internet

If you think for a single second that your internet isn’t up to scratch, ditch it and go somewhere else to buy tickets. I was once in the queue for a solid hour and came out with my spirit shattered and ticketless. Why? My internet was too slow. If your work has speedy internet, set up camp there and scamp off their speedy interwebs. Does your mate have a connection that surpasses anything you’ve seen? Barge through their door first thing in the morning and make their couch your new home for the next hour.

Multiple Mates Are Needed

If there are multiple people relying solely on you for tickets, it just makes the experience that more stressful. It’s advisable that you go into the sale with someone trying for tickets as well, because who the hell can handle all that blame if you aren’t successful? The more people, the more chances that you’ll come out victorious.

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