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Best Cities To Be An Expat, Whatever Your Job

Degree in hand, some experience in your field and you’re ready to see the world. What better way than to live across the globe? Rather than jumping industries while you travel here’s a selection of cities for you to pursue your dreams and be a tourist. So pack your bags and give your notice.


London, Tokyo, Beijing, Amsterdam, Toronto.


Steam your suits and neatly pack your briefcase, these cities are the bizness. And not just for being internationally hooked up and full of opportunity. No, these fine locales are so livable you’ll never want to leave. Transport, culture and proximity are paramount as you wheel and deal. Being such hubs you can expect to network beyond your wildest dreams and link up with a mentor or two along the way. Tokyo and Beijing will definitely require language skills as English is a second choice, but the other options will take you as is.

Finance and Economics

Zurich, Frankfurt, London, New York, Shanghai.

Dollars, pounds, euros or yuan, no matter the currency, working in the money sectors opens a lot of global doors. Beyond the stock market these cities present a wealth of jobs and booming economy. Bankers, planners, accountants, analysts, go on book the flight and off you go.

Media, Marketing, PR and Advertising

Dubai, London, New York, Singapore, Paris.

Media workers will know how important a busy city is to a thriving business. These cities are so vibrant, well read, overflowing with people you’re bound to find your niche. Bigger population means bigger audience so take the plunge and move. Thanks to the internet there’s the opportunity to freelance in these well connected spots too. Hello fast internet.


Barcelona, Lisbon, Dublin, Phuket, Prague.

If you want to work in hospitality or tourism, you need to go where the tourists go. Sure, you could pick any beachside resort and plonk yourself down. But why not pick an untouched gem, european marvel or asian party hotspot to kick your career into overdrive. Cost of living in these picks are truly affordable so you can enjoy the good life too. Seaside Lisbon or pint-filled Dublin, pick your poison and start serving the right people.


Amsterdam, Shanghai, Berlin, London, Seoul.

Teachers are in high demand if you travel a little, so go on grab your degree and set sail. The London teachers route is a well known expat dream, and for good reason. Public and private institutions pay decently and no language skills are required, easy peasey. If you’re looking for a challenge the other cities offer the chance to teach english or cultural studies to a whole new audience. In Berlin and Amsterdam they’ll often speak better English than you but in Seoul and Shanghai expect some serious culture shock. Well connected cities worth moving to, you may even learn a little something a long the way.

Science + Tech

Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Stockholm.

This is the industry to be in, a field where the next jobs are yet to be invented. So with that in mind kickstart your career on a global scale and head to start up city San Fran, or launch yourself into the lights and sounds of Tokyo. Expect to be inspired. Sure Hong Kong is the most expensive city for expats but there is something to be said for the expat community and job opportunities there. Stockholm is a lesser known european option but the research grants their are ace for new ideas.

International Studies

Geneva, Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, Beijing.

For the internationally minded anywhere overseas is a great place to start. What these cities all have in common is a meeting of cultures, turning their appeal up a notch or two. Geneva and Brussels play host to some of the most important forums in international governance, the UN, EU and Red Cross. While Istanbul and Beijing offer an entry to a region a little closer to home. These global cities are particularly great for this industry, but a great choice for all.

Arts and Design

Seoul, Berlin, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Helsinki.

Creatives rejoice. These hubs will have you singing in the street and sketching non stop. Beautiful architecture. Tick. Rich history. You betcha. Vienna and Berlin are a time portal to years gone by, that in itself is inspiring. In Seoul and Buenos Aires, this emerging cities are being built from the ground up so expect some exciting opportunities in the creative fields. Oh and Helsinki is a charming option too, and not just because of the band name.

Image source: St Giles,, Arabian Business, Teams Design, Daily Sabah, Cloud Mind.

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