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Best Countries To Visit Based On The Type Of Traveller You Are

Give your inner traveller needs the getaway that they deserve. We all know that there is no point planning an extended holiday to a destination we know we won’t enjoy. Invest your cash into a location that will have you partying all night long or maybe soaking in the historical sites.

The Party Animal

Greece, Croatia

Ah yes, the infamous holiday partier. Sure, you are happy to travel to soak up a little history and culture, but you’re notorious for your carefree spirit and wild nights on the town. If an all-day beach or pool side party is you thing, Croatia is the country and Pag is the island to be on. Filled with an abundance of open-air dance floors, it’s an island that never sleeps. If you have cash to splurge and you’re all about the summer parties, head to the Greek island, Mykonos. Filled with an abundance of 24 hours clubs, as you walk along the whitewashed cobblestones, the island comes alive with countless famous bars and clubs. Hosting one of the most famous clubs in the world (Cavo Paradiso) you’ll be surrounded with party animals that have the same mentality as you. Go hard or go home..

The Adventure Seeker

South Africa, New Zealand

If it’s adventure you seek, it’s adventure you will find in these two destinations. If you struggle to sit still whilst on holidays and you seek the thrills, then New Zealand should be your first getaway thought. Only a skip away from the Australian mainland, NZ offers it all; bungee jumps, fresh powder, glacier exploring, water rafting and the list goes on. If you’re in search of a change of scenery, consider South Africa, where you will find grand mountains, great whites in the oceans of sandy beaches and all the animals you desire on safari.

The History Nut

Egypt, Italy

If your travel needs are sparked by history, then Egypt should be the top of your bucket list. Go above and beyond the Pyramids of Giza and venture to the abundance of ancient sites like the Temple of Karnak. Be sure to sneak a desert trip in along the way. If Europe is more your scene, there is no better place than Italy. The centre of ancient Rome, the country is home to some of the grandest historical sites. The Colosseum, The Roman Forum, Pompeii and Herculaneum to name a few.

The Indulgent

Maldives, Dubai

It ain’t a holiday unless you have dedicated all your savings to the most luxurious location in the world, right? If it’s ultimate comfort and beauty that you seek, then the Maldives is the place for you. With stunning bottomless villas that place the ocean right underneath your feet and breathtaking views, all you’re gonna want to be doing is sitting back with a cocktail and taking it all in. If you want to step away from a beachside resort and into something a little different, while still having that luxury, then Dubai is your answer. Here you can immerse yourself in atmospheric old towns to dramatic desert landscapes while living it up like a royal. Oh and did I mention the duty-free shopping?!

The Chiller

Iceland, Mexico

If you’re keen to kick back, relax and escape from the world, fulfil your travel needs and head out on a slow paced getaway. Iceland offers the best of both worlds, but they do relaxation particularly well. Hire yourself a car and travel around the island, in search of hot springs and picturesque landscapes. And if it’s the warmer weather that you need to wind down Mexico will surely succumb to your needs. Head to Tulum for a coastal retreat, stay within the rainforest, visit the ancient ruins and then laze around on the white sand beaches.

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